Golf Road Trip: What You Absolutely Need To Take With You

Traveling to play new courses is one of the most enjoyable things that a golf lover can do during a golfing vacation. Whether it be by plane or car, making time to visit some of the best courses the country has to offer is a worthwhile endeavor for all golf fans.

You may be telling yourself: I’d love to travel, but I don’t want to take my clubs on the plane. Yes, for many golfers, going on a flight with their clubs is a non-starter due to all the handling involved. So, if taking your clubs on the plane is a deal killer, then your alternative is loading them up for an epic road trip. In that case, it’s advisable to invest in a lightweight golf bag to conveniently store all your golf equipment.

But with space limited in the car, you’ll need to streamline your packing. So what should you take for your cross-country golf trip? Here is a list of four essential items that you’ll need for your next golfing road trip.

#1: Golf Clubs

We’ll start with the most prominent item on the list and something you can’t do without on a golf vacation; your golf clubs, so you want the best from Clarkes Golf Centre. The easiest thing you can do when getting your clubs ready for a trip is to dump them in the back of your car or truck, but you should handle these babies with care and be aware that there is the possibility of damaging them through negligence.

To avoid this potentially trip-killing situation, you should look into finding a travel golf bag that will protect your clubs and deflect any possible impact from other luggage you may be carrying. A travel case will offer the highest amount of protection, while a cover will keep everything contained while limiting the amount of movement your clubs undergo during your travels.

#2: Proper Clothing

It is a great idea to call ahead to every course you plan to play and ask them for their course and clubhouse rules. The reason you’ll want to know all these regulations is, to not only understand what is expected of you at each club but also to understand what you can and cannot wear on the course.

For example, if you like wearing shorts while you play, this is an essential step that can prevent you from having to spend an excessive amount of money on the spot for a pair of pants.

By knowing what you need to wear, you can streamline your packing and reduce excess clothing.

#3: Weather-Related Gear and Essentials

Are you taking your trip in the summer? Then, you’ll need to pack sunscreen and a few hats. Are you planning on going to the Pacific Northwest for a few rounds during the rainy season? Then, grab your rain gear and your best rain umbrella.

Take some time before you pack to get a sense of what the weather will be like in the location of your golf trip. Take nothing for granted. If the forecast says there will be no rain, but you are headed to a locale that is known for rain, then save yourself the headache and pack the GoreTex and umbrella anyway.

Yes, it may cause you to pack a little more than you had initially planned, but an impromptu trip to the store, where you have to spend additional money and less time enjoying your vacation is worth the discomfort.

If you’re also planning on taking your puppy such as your favorite doberman with you, you should also make sure to grab their essentials: clothes to protect from the rain as well as essential food supplies.

#4: Shoes and Socks

A great rule of thumb for golf shoes and socks on a golf trip is to always take twice as many as you think you’ll need. Yes, that goes for shoes too because you need to plan for contingencies that you’ll never come seeing. Are you playing early in the morning in dew-heavy grass? Believe me, you’ll want those extra socks for the turn, and you’ll need the spare shoes while those air out and dry the next day.

When hitting the course, make sure that in the long pockets of your bag that you bring a few pairs of socks in plastic bags that can be zipped up and kept away from the elements. Once you break out a new pair, you can put the old ones in the bag without them affecting the inside of your golf bag. Just remember to clear them out and wash them once you get back home.

An extra pair of shoes can prevent any issues you may have with your top pair from affecting the trip. Say you lose a spike or the laces break, or you take a wrong step and submerge them in mud, you’ll want that clean and dry extra pair to keep your golf day going without a hitch.

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