Genoa’s Ancient City in Pictures

It’s a beautiful thing to be entranced. When I was a child I would watch my father, an award-winning photographer, practically leave the planet when he found a subject that captured his interest.

It wasn’t until I found myself wandering alone within the ancient walls of the old city in Genoa, Italy did I fully understand.

It was as if a fully developed story opened in front of my eyes and it was my job to capture it through my lens. My initial idea was to write about my experience, but I can’t express the feeling of this beautiful day better than the photographs alone. Words cannot enhance the magic I found.

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23 thoughts on “Genoa’s Ancient City in Pictures”

  1. There clearly is a pull, a “must go around that corner”. I love getting lost in those moments. Great pictures that capture that feeling. Great eye.

    I love when surprises lerk around the corner. Like Jerome, Arizona, where I saw a buildings facade, no building attached, with an open sign. It was down a lane otherwise lifeless. I had to go look. It was a single glass blower creating vases and stemless wine glasses. His demonstration entertained us for an hour and I found the perfect souvenir.

  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Too bad some locals feel the need to crap up their beautiful, historic city with graffiti and tags…. every picture shows this.

    Maybe they need a campaign like Kentucky launched to eliminate trash and litter. The slogan was “No tourist comes down to see your garbage.” It’s worked well over the last decade and new Kentucky is more scenic than ever!

  3. Veronica, when a person is able to capture culture through a lens, she has done her job. Thank you. I love the gentleman strolling through the narrow street, away from us. we don't do enough strolling in this culture.

  4. old world, ancient beliefs, ancient buildings ancient spirit, could help but notice graffitti in almost every photo. quite a shame doing that to something with so much history

  5. I just spent some time on Sunday enjoying my sister's photos from an Italian visit to my brother on short term assignment there. Between the two of you I feel like I've been there/and need to start saving for a trip! Your eye for people is amazing. Love the lady with the black and white bag. Wondering what the two reading the grafitti are thinking. Your dad must be proud…and sounds like he is! ~Kathy

  6. Genova is one city I've never been to, but you captured the timeless allure of the old facades and the older generation of Italians in these photos. It feels as if I were right there with you, stepping out into the street. I have some similar shots I took two years ago in Florence. I never tire of seeing Italy. Thanks for the "memories."

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