Garden Storage Sheds: Best Advice For Choosing Different Roofs

It is no longer that difficult to fulfill your dream of having a high-end storage shed on your property. Many companies are selling sheds online. You get the equipment you need to build them included and you can learn how by watching tutorials online. However, there are a few things you need to know before you go ahead and order online storage sheds. For instance, deciding on the most suitable style of roof is very important.

Shed Roof Designs

The roof will always be the most important feature on any shed. It has to be up to the job of keeping the building watertight and secure. Online you can find many styles and designs made of different materials that will withstand various weather conditions, even the more extreme. Here are a few options you are likely to come across.

Gable Roof

A gable roof is a simple and popular style. It is the one where same sized roof panels slope down each side of the structure from the ridge at the very top. The best thing about this kind of roof is that its high peak creates additional loft space that is perfect for storage.

Catslide Roof

If you’ve seen structures in New England built following the design of colonial saltboxes, you will have seen a catslide roof. In these roofing systems, the read panel will slope downward to stop a few feet from the ground. With this roof, you benefit from more floor space although it limits the space for overhead.

Sloping Roof

If you want a straightforward roofing option, you may want to look for a sloping roof design. It will have a single panel slowing towards the rear of the shed. Because the gradient is minimal, installation is easier. This roof is a good choice if you want plenty of headroom.

Gambrel Roof

To make your shed look great, you can consider going for barn-style appeal, which you get from a gambrel roof. It is a perfect way to add additional volume. With this roof, you can even go ahead and install a storage loft. You may want to install this roofing type if you are planning a larger than average shed.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is a basic roofing option for someone not interested in spending a lot of money. For these, a single panel covers the entire shed. Whilst it is easy to install and a rather cost effective option, a flat roof is definitely more functional than attractive. Without a gradient, there is also the risk of water pooling and debris, such as fallen leaves collecting on the roof. If not dealt with, this will reduce the working life of the roof and therefore the shed.

Hip Roof

A hip roof is a roof with four triangle-shaped panels put together to form a square pyramid. If you’re in an area with high winds, you may benefit from investing in this sturdy roof style. You won’t be getting the overhead storage you could from other designs but the roof will keep its integrity and keep the shed watertight for decades easily.

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