Fraser Island to Daintree National Park – Explore Australia Like Never Before

Australia is amongst one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Famous for beautiful beaches, fascinating wildlife, hiking trails, and lush national parks, it is a worthy destination that finds a place on many people’s travel list. Beyond rivers, rocks, and plains, you will also find mesmerizing waterfalls and waterholes that are waiting to be explored. In short, a trip to Australia promises you loads of adventure and exploration of natural landscapes.

However, if you are excited about planning a trip to this world-famous destination, you must also consider getting one crucial document along with your visa and passport in place. Wondering what it is? It is travel insurance Australia. Yes, it is one financial security cover that will keep you secure against the possibility of meeting with unforeseen circumstances like facing a health issue in the country or cases like theft or flight cancellation due to bad weather.

The comprehensive protection of travel insurance Australia will ensure safety in case anything goes wrong during your journey. With travel insurance Australia, you can stay assured about being covered against multiple risks as you go about exploring various regions of the country.

Australia is an enormous country with diverse climatic conditions ranging from place to place. If you want to visit Southern Australia, autumn season – i.e. March to May – is an appropriate time to visit. If you want to enjoy hiking, then winter – i.e. June to August – is your time to visit. The time between October to March is the low season due to unbearable temperatures. Also, this season is typically regarded as ‘jellyfish season’ that makes water unfavourable for you to swim or participate in any water sport.

Things to Explore in Australia

1. Explore Fraser Island

Fraser island – recognized as the world’s largest sand island – is famous for camping, swimming, and hiking. It is also renowned for freshwater lakes. You will see many locals and tourists visiting this island. You should not get too close to water because of the presence of a large number of sharks.

2. Visit Cairns

Gateway to Northern Queensland – Cairns can take you to Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation, and many beautiful places. It is a small tropical city where you can hang out by the lagoons or go for white water rafting.

3. Hike the Daintree

Daintree National Park or Daintree rainforest offers a range of hikes from easy to difficult level. You can visit Daintree for its dense jungles, beautiful mountains, wildlife, cliffs, and waterfalls. You can also sit on the top of any cliff to enjoy serenity for as long as you want.

4. Take the Wine Tour

From Margret river to Hunter valley, you will get many chances to taste the original Australian wine right from its source. Visiting the wine country is an adventure of its own. You can rent a car and enjoy a good time at these places with family or friends.

5. Must-See Tasmania

Tasmania is an off-beaten track which not many people have discovered. Despite being a famous name, it is not a popular tourist destination. Tasmania has one of the most incredible hiking spots in Australia. It also holds some beautiful bays such as the Wineglass bay which has a few small towns with excellent people. Tasmania is only a ferry ride away from Melbourne.

Exploring Australia with Safety

Australia can give you an incredible experience if you do it the right way. Safety during the journey should be your priority right from the start when you book tickets to this continent. Among all essential things, travel insurance Australia is a crucial document to keep for safeguarding your journey throughout.

If you plan to visit this beautiful continent any time soon, then you must consider purchasing travel insurance Australia from reputable companies like Tata AIG that provide comprehensive protection. They have excellent support service to help you at every step if you ever get stuck abroad in an unexpected situation. You can also read for travel tips and travel insurance online reviews for a better understanding of your plan.

Don’t carry extra baggage for your trip, keep all your worries at bay and enjoy it to the fullest with travel insurance Australia.

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