Four Top Tricks for Moms when Planning a Family Vacation

Getting to go on a vacation as a family is a wonderful bonding experience. There’s never been a better way to relax, rest, and rejuvenate than taking a trip with the family.

If you’re a mom putting together a family holiday, then it all comes down to proper preparation. Being prepared for the vacation means taking care of any necessary documents needed for travel, getting everything packed away, and preparing some snacks and food for the journey.

Here are our four top tricks for moms planning a family vacation to help with all that.

Find a Great Destination the Whole Family can Enjoy

You might be dreaming of going to the Maldives and relaxing on the beach, but what about your kids? If they aren’t big on beach trips, maybe you should put that trip on hold for now and choose somewhere they would like. They might be dreaming of going to one place themselves. If you have kids that love animals, then they would certainly love to take a trip to a place with abundant wildlife, such as Asia or Africa.

Sit down with the family and choose a destination together. Get the kids involved with the planning and decision process. This has the added benefit of making them more responsible during the trip and cuts down on complaints.

Sort Out Bookings as Soon as Possible

Given that you’ll be taking a trip with the family, there are some extra considerations to keep in mind when booking flights and accommodation.

For example, putting up a little extra money to go business class would be good for the kids, especially if it’s a long haul flight. Tantrums are all too common when kids are put in loud, cramped environments. Take the kids out of economy class and put them somewhere roomier to encourage your kids to be better behaved.

If you plan on booking a hotel for your time away, then do a bit of research on the hotel to ensure your basic needs will be provided for. Outside of a hotel room being spacious and comfortable enough, you should also consider the layouts of the bedrooms.

Be sure to ask about the free breakfast the hotel provides. Do they serve food that your kids enjoy eating? That helps when it comes to planning meals. You should also be sure to ask about the amenities of a hotel, including the opening hours of the pool and any safety precautions.

You can also choose to go for a vacation rental too. Vacation rentals make sense if you are planning on taking a long vacation.

Choosing Between AirBnB and a Hotel

According to TripAdvisor, over 59% of travellers chose to stay at a rental instead of a hotel last year. It’s not hard to see why either. Staying with your family in a rental is like staying in your own place where you have all of the comforts and amenities you are used to. You can even use online grocery delivery to get all of the ingredients you need for a great meal.

Prepare For the Trip Ahead of Time

It’s one thing to go on vacation with other adults, but adding kids to the equation is another story entirely. Given that you want to avoid as many tantrums as possible when traveling and touring, you should prepare for the trip well ahead of time. As well as packing the essentials for your carry-on, make sure that you prepare by taking some snacks for the kids.

You can also plan some activities your kids can do during the trip to stop them getting bored, throwing tantrums, and otherwise ruining what should be a great family vacation. Don’t forget to pack away some medication in case someone gets sick when away from home. You don’t know for sure if the medications your kids use will be available where you’ll be staying.

Only Pack What You Need

It’s all too easy to overpack when you travel with the family. You’ll pack up everything you think you might want, and that’s a lot! You don’t want anything to get in the way of the trip, and that means packing everything. While it is almost impossible to travel light – especially with kids – you should still be mindful about what you pack in your luggage and what you leave behind.

One thing you can do is plan out outfits for the kids for each day, instead of taking so many clothes they couldn’t possibly wear them all. You can also use this idea for things like diapers and wipes. They take up a lot of room after all. Take enough to get you through the flight and buy new ones when you reach your destination.

With these tips on your side, your next family vacation is sure to go off without a hitch!

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