Five Tips for Seniors to Maintain Their Health While on Vacation

Traveling during your golden years can be a wonderful experience! You finally have the money to go to destinations you have always wanted to visit, and without a full-time job to tie you down, you can take off for weeks at a time without any stress.

Unfortunately, traveling as a senior does come with downsides. You’re no longer able to do the same things you could do when you were in your 20’s, and it can be difficult to bounce back after an illness, an injury, or even a particularly stressful day.

Don’t let that stop you from doing the traveling you want to do! You can go anywhere in the world and maintain your health with these tips.

Choose Safe Transportation Options

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining your health, but accidents can also happen while you’re on vacation. Getting into an accident can be absolutely devastating if you’re a senior. Not only will you have to cut your vacation short, but you could be in for a long recovery at home.

You can reduce your chances of experiencing an accident by being mindful of the safety of your transportation options. For example, you may want to avoid renting a car and get a local bus pass instead.

It might also include avoiding the busiest areas of the city where you’re staying. For example, it’s good to know that Miami is home to the worse drivers in the country. Avoiding certain areas, like the I-95 Express Toll in Little River, can keep you safe.

Travel With a List of Medications and Medical Conditions

No matter where you’re going or what kind of medical challenges you face, you absolutely have to make sure that you travel with a complete list of your medications. That way, if something goes wrong on vacation, those around you can make sure you take your medication as prescribed.

You should also travel with a note from your doctor describing your medical conditions. You can show this note to TSA at the airport to receive special treatment when going through security, and it can help you receive the accommodations you need at your hotel, as well as accommodations for other activities, like theme parks.

Pack All of Your Medication in Your Carry-on Luggage

It doesn’t matter if you have important pills, liquids, or powders that are prescribed by your doctor, every one of your medications should be packed inside your carry-on. That way, you can take medications on the plane, and you don’t have to worry about them getting lost should your luggage not make your connecting flight.

There are some over the counter medications you should consider packing in your carry-on too. They include:

    • Pepto-Bismol
    • Tums
    • Claritin or Zyrtec
    • Cough drops
    • Sudafed
    • Tylenol or Advil
    • Sleep aids

Just make sure that any medications you pack are properly labeled so both you and the TSA agents know exactly what’s inside.

Get a Little Exercise

Going on vacation means relaxing. You should certainly do plenty of it while you’re away from home, but if you don’t move around at least a little bit, you’ll find that your muscles become stiff.

Take time to get a little exercise while you’re on vacation. It could be a small walk every evening after dinner or easy chair exercises in your hotel room every morning when you wake up. By getting a little bit of exercise each and every day, you’ll find it easier to wake up and get going in the morning.

Eat Well Most of the Time

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to indulge when you’re on vacation. That’s especially the case if you’re visiting a foodie destination, like France or Italy. Just don’t let heavy, greasy, sugary foods affect your energy levels and your health.

Plan to eat healthy, at least most of the time. That might mean choosing the grilled fish instead of the fried fish when vacationing on the coast, stocking your room with fresh fruits and vegetables so you have access to healthy snacks, and choosing sit-down restaurants over fast food.

Don’t think that means you can’t indulge every once in a while! Enjoy dessert or a greasy burger once every day or two. Just don’t make it a habit for every meal.

Don’t let your health or the challenge of maintaining it keep you from traveling the world! With these tips, you can take care of your health and experience different cultures well into your golden years.

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