Five Essential Baby Boomer Travel Tips

Baby boomers are traveling in growing numbers. They’re not throwing in the towel yet, and they shouldn’t have to. They’ve spent their lives working hard, and now is a time to rent that RV and start exploring hidden gems.

According to an AARP survey, baby boomers are making travel a top priority. Still, there are a few things to consider when traveling as a senior. Keep reading to learn more.

Plan ahead

Older adults are certainly at the age where they dress more for function than form, although some clothes can help achieve both goals. The secret to dressing like a traveler lies in comfortable clothes with added benefits to the wearer. Take compression socks, for example. Older persons can wear them for flying to help reduce leg swelling or for overall support to the legs. Check this collection for more information.

When you travel, you will encounter unexpected situations and unexpected costs. This is true whether you are traveling solo, with family or with your spouse. Planning ahead will help you get everything in order before you leave.

After that, look for the shortest travel times. Being stuck on a plane, cruise, bus or train for longer than is necessary can be painful if you have any medical ailments. Yet, most of the best senior fares can be found either on Southwest Airlines or Amtrak.

Go somewhere to relax

The last thing you want is to have to take a vacation from your vacation. So, when planning a trip think of a getaway that will be both relaxing and inspiring. And, while there, bring your comfortable shoes, prescription medication, sunglasses and comfortable clothing you can layer.

You should also bring any medical aids you need whether it be a back brace or even CPAP machine if necessary. Try to stay away from doing too much on your vacation. As a senior, it is important to preserve your energy because traveling can still be exhausting–even if you take it easy.

Plus, a relaxing and inspirational vacation will give you time to catch up on your rest. Moreover, it will help you feel better mentally.

Get travel medical insurance

If you are currently enrolled in Medicare, then you should make it a priority to obtain travel medical insurance. This is important for seniors whose health can be fragile.

Part of travel is expecting the unexpected. And, if something were to happen, it helps to have emergency medical insurance and emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Access as many special services as possible

When traveling by plane as for seats along the aisle where you have more room to move and can get to and from the restroom quickly. You should also talk to the airline about any special dietary needs you have. If necessary, request rows designated for disabled travelers.

You can also get a free wheelchair service at every airport. You can even get human assistance from the counter through boarding. It’s also imperative to make all these types of requests when you make your reservations. You don’t want to get there and find out the services are no longer available.

Get your documentation together

It’s important to go ahead and get a passport. Eventually, you will need a passport just to travel through the states, so you might as well get one now. They last for 10 years so, you don’t have to worry about renewing your passport very often. Just make sure you apply for one at least three months before your travel date.

Just go to your local post office for the forms. Some post offices will also take your passport photo for a fee. They will also walk you through filling out the forms. Then, make several copies of your passport, driver’s license, insurance cards, travel tickets, itinerary and Medicare. Other documentation you need are copies of your prescription and statements of your medical condition from your doctor.

Final thought

Baby boomers are traveling and enjoying their retirement—rightfully so! And, much fun can be had while exploring new locales. All it takes is some preparation, documentation and all the medical necessities to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

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