First Wedding Anniversary Coming Up? 10 Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

The year after you said “I Do” is bound to pass by faster than you think. Even if you’ve been living together for years, the first year of marriage is said to be tricky. Since you are bound by holy matrimony, there comes the additional pressure on your relationship to combine your finances, lifestyles, families and build a life together. It’s normal to feel low after experiencing the high of your wedding day, which can make married life seem almost mundane.

Confronting joy, challenges, expectations- the good and the bad of married life- deserves to be celebrated! Carry on reading to discover some fabulous ways to mark your first wedding anniversary.

1. Recreate Your First Date

It’s a lovely idea to recreate the first day you met your significant other or the first date you went on. Whether you went on a random pub crawl or a fancy dinner, make it a point to do everything you did on your first meeting. You can also commemorate the day by recreating any pictures you took.

2. Cake Eating Party

It’s a tradition to keep the top layer of the wedding cake in the freezer and try it on your first anniversary. If you did save your cake, you should definitely host a cake-eating party. Invite over some friends, get some bubbly and enjoy a year-old wedding cake!

3. Book a Luxury Trip

What better day than your first wedding anniversary to go on a second honeymoon. Being newlyweds, you deserve to enjoy some one-on-one time in a beautiful city. So, book a luxury accommodation in Scotland. You can choose to explore the breathtaking landscapes or relish the luxuries of your hotel room.

4. Plan a Staycation

It’s possible that you may have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to go on a trip. But that shouldn’t stop you from spending quality time with your significant other. Instead of doing nothing, book a hotel room or an Airbnb in your city and go for a staycation.

5. Relive Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a day you will remember forever. On the occasion of your first wedding anniversary, you and your spouse should relive the day by going through your wedding photos and videos. To make it extra special, you can even visit your wedding venue or book the same hotel room you stayed in.

6. Enjoy a Night In

Not everyone likes going all out for anniversaries. If you’re one of those people, you can still celebrate your anniversary in a low-key manner. You and your partner should plan a night of cooking together or ordering food from your favourite restaurant. Don’t forget to light up some candles and play your first dance song.

7. Make Your Love Permanent

You may think what can be more permanent than signing a marriage certificate? Well, getting matching ink! If you’re up for an adventure, then mark your first wedding anniversary by getting matching tattoos.

8. Get a Unique Paper Gift

Did you know that paper is the traditional first wedding anniversary gift? Instead of racking your brains to come up with an exquisite paper gift, you should simply write each other love letters. Yes, it’s corny, but it has such undeniable sentimental value. And who doesn’t adore letters?

9. Create a Time Capsule

On your first wedding anniversary, you and your spouse should make a time capsule that you can open on the next milestone anniversary. Fill a box with all your cherished memories together, including wedding photos, letters, champagne and so on.

10. Throw a Party

There’s nothing better than celebrating your special day with your friends and family. Invite your loved ones over for a first wedding anniversary party.

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