Finding a Real Psychic

When you have been in a place in your life that is in need of help such as psychiatrists, a group that can give you a 12 step program or even if your friends aren’t enough to help you, chances are you will feel that you don’t understand why things are happening to you.

It is times like this where you need to reach out beyond normal help and figure out a way to get advice that is going to help you.

There are times where you might need to seek out a psychic to help you and to give you advice, especially when you are feeling upset and vulnerable.

There are a lot of people that call themselves psychics and they are not real psychics and they cause people to spend their money and to try to get help from them when they are really just taking advantage of them. Getting a psychic can be good, as long as you find a real one.

Here are some things that you will know to look out for:


A real psychic will not advertise their services behind a window. They will not be like prostitutes and a gifted psychic will not have to advertise like this.

Some psychics like these will open a session and ask you about something vague. They will ask you to give them a question and once you have asked it, they will say they have enough information to give you a reading.

How much information can you get from doing a google search?  Chances are these psychics are making their money by asking you information and then exploiting you.

They are not real psychics and they are giving you advice about something they know nothing about. They will tell you information based on your body language and what expressions you have. Beware of these types.

Word of Mouth

Just like any other great service, having a psychic by word of mouth is the best way to find one. You will have people that have went to a psychic and they will know if he or she is good. A good psychic will not even have to advertise because people will tell about them.

You cannot bring yourself into a place online where you can figure out their personal things but you can find a good psychic if you are patient and you are asking and listening to what other people say.

You need to avoid some psychics and follow some rules when looking for one.

Avoiding Fraud

Besides a psychic that advertises behind a window, there are other things to look out for. You will know in just one session if the psychic is real or if they are fraud. A real psychic will never try to cast spells on your or do things for extra money.

A real psychic will give you both good and bad news and will be honest in your reading. They will not tell you things that you want to hear or take impressions based on how you are acting. They will want you to ask open ended questions and they will allow you to end the session in the middle if you want to.

A good psychic will not talk about death or accidents in their reading because this is unprofessional and manipulative. This would be a sign of a fraud.


When you are seeking a reading, try to find someone that you know that has used the psychic. You can look at customer reviews and use word of mouth so you can find a professional psychic that can help you.

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