Festival Day in Small Town Italy!

We came to Castelletto d’Orba for Rassegna Dei Vini e Dei Sapori Dell’Alto Monferrato, which is the “Review of wines and flavors of the Alto Monferrato.” Wine and food, what’s not to like? The town is famous for several of the most popular types of wine in the area and they had asked me, along with my friend Paolo Bonfanti, to perform a concert.

Before the show we had time to explore a bit, and perhaps sample some of the local vino e cucina. Epicurean artisans had set up tables displaying their efforts all over town with fresh cheeses, breads, olives, meats and, the star of the show, wines available to sample and purchase.

In addition to the food and drink, the festival incorporated the art of many local talents into the celebration. They called this “Rediscovering the art and wine.” We came upon a number of artists in the process of creating their works, including a sculptor chipping away a a chunk of marble.

Others were painting frescoes directly on to the walls along the narrow streets of the old town. It was fascinating to watch as they added the colors to the wet plaster, maintaining the exact style of the ancient masters.

While we were setting up our instruments parishioners leaving Saturday evening Mass had to work their way between the drums and amplifiers to get out. We’re pretty sure that rock & roll concerts on the steps of the cathedral is a uniquely Italian experience. With the exception of a few of the old ladies exiting Mass, everyone seemed to think it was perfectly normal.

For more on this festival and PICTURES!: https://www.gypsynester.com/castelleto.htm

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