Fashion Friday: Who Knew Adulting Could Be So Mundane?

As a kid, all I could hope for was being an adult and making my own choices and being free. And while I live in an awesome state that’s filled with so much freedom, it doesn’t save me from the mundane parts of being an adult. I wish that adulting was always as exciting as finding the latest fashion trends, but the reality is there are just some things you need to think about. Especially being a wife and a parent, I find it important to put certain things in place to keep our sanity, our health, and even our faith.

A Good Working Budget

Okay, this one is so boring, but it’s vital. Having a good budget isn’t just about spending the money you have each month. It’s about creating a budget that helps you live the lifestyle you desire and reduces stress so you don’t have to worry about what to do when the money comes in. It accounts for needs, wants, debts, and other semi-annual expenses.

You need to make sure you have the basics met before anything else. Do you have enough set aside for food, housing, electricity, cars, and clothes? These are vital. You need your car to get to work and maybe school, you need to live somewhere, and you definitely need food in your belly. You probably don’t need as much as I spend on clothes, but you do need to replace worn-out shoes and pants and make sure what you have is appropriate for your work and play, such as these Samurai Hoodies.


No one tells you about all the insurances when you’re a child. But I’ve discovered that there are at least three that almost everyone has. Medical insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance are the biggies. Medical insurance is a vital expense in many families. There are many different types with some of the most common types being high deductible, PPO, HMO, and fixed indemnity medical plans. Auto insurance can be costly especially if you drive new cars, so be sure to ask about all the discounts. And if they suddenly raise your rates, start shopping around. It’s annoying to change, but it’s helpful if the prices get too high for no reason.


I love to shop. Most of the time. But the amount of time spent shopping for food and other necessities seems a bit excessive. I never thought my parents shopped as much as I do. But between hauling my daughter around for school and activities, I find myself at the store for one or two little things more often than I care to admit. Adulting means managing the time we have and one of them is planning ahead and making lists so you don’t forget important items every time you go to the store.


There is a lot of waiting as an adult. I thought waiting as a kid was hard, try waiting at the DMV or in line at the bank during busy times. Waiting is mundane and not what I imagined adulting to be like. All I can think of while I wait for my appointments or to get my stuff done is that I might be late for the next thing. These times really try my patience, but it’s a good opportunity to exercise self-control so I don’t yell at the person holding up the line in front of me.


This year the federal tax deadline for individuals got moved out. Which is pretty awesome for all those procrastinators out there, but it’s also one of those mundane tasks you just need to do each year. It’s always the same and yet so many of us act like it’s a surprise that we need to get them done sometime before the deadline. I know a lot of people wait until the last minute, and others rush to do it so they get their return sooner and can recover their bank accounts from their post-Christmas shopping sprees. Don’t forget to do them this year, even though the deadline is later.

Even with all the mundane tasks of adulting, I love that I get to spend it with my favorite people in the world. I also get to look fabulous whether I am waiting in line at the DMV or shopping for that pound of sugar I forgot to buy while I was at the store for the third time.

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