Family Fun in the Snow: Essential Tips for Cold Weather Travel with Kids

Traveling over the winter to snowy destinations is a special kind of fun. While some families try to escape the cold by heading south for winter sun, others embrace it by heading to even frostier climates, traveling to the most incredible destinations on cruise ships or jet planes to discover the magic of cold weather travel.

Whether gazing at pristine snowy landscapes or enjoying exciting winter sports, a winter holiday in the snow is a joy. But it does require careful planning and thought, as the extreme weather needs a little managing to ensure that everyone stays warm, happy, and safe.

So if you are planning an escape to Norway or an Alaskan adventure this winter, check out these essential tips for a delightful family adventure at sub-zero temperatures!

Layer Up for Warmth and Comfort

The first and most important rule for staying comfortable in the cold is to layer up. Proper layering is the best way to maintain and regulate your body temperature, allowing you to adjust to changing climates without becoming too hot or too cold. A moisture-wicking layer against your skin helps to keep sweat away, then an insulating layer keeps you warm. Finally, a waterproof layer means you are fully protected, whatever the winter weather has in store. Proper laying, alongside accessories like hats, gloves, and warm socks, will ensure your kids are comfortable and safe at all times, allowing you to enjoy your winter adventure without mishaps or inconvenience.

Choose the Right Accommodations

Where you stay for a winter vacation is extremely important too. You want to strike a balance between somewhere that is interesting and adventurous, with enough amenities for families, and that is geared up for cold weather. Lodgings that have proper heating are essential, and a heated pool or hot tub never goes amiss! You want your accommodation to be somewhere warm and inviting so you can relax and enjoy yourselves after an exhausting day in the snow.

Plan Kid-Friendly Snow Activities

Sub-zero activities are awesome, but it is important to make sure you choose to do things that the whole family can enjoy. For example, skiing is a good option for kids of all ages and abilities, but choosing a day of snowboarding might be too much for beginners. Other less formal activities that kids love include dog sledding, building snowmen, short snowshoe walks, or a classic snowball fight!

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Because of the colder temperatures, it is easy to forget how important hydration is on a winter vacation. But with dry air and challenging activities, dehydration is a serious risk. Make sure your kids drink plenty of water and warm beverages like hot cocoa, and keep them well-fed as well – exploring in the snow is hungry work!

Protect Against Sun and Wind

Sunscreen might seem like a precaution more suited to a beach vacation, but the sun’s reflection off the snow can be intense, and cold winds can be extremely harsh on exposed skin. Sunscreen on exposed areas is therefore incredibly important, alongside goggles, sunglasses, and protective lip balm. It is also worth applying moisturizer after a day out on the slopes, to keep your skin fresh and hydrated too.

A family vacation to a cold destination is an exciting and magical experience and a great way to spend the winter months. By embracing the cold, and the adventures that come with it, you can guarantee a special experience with your loved ones and create amazing memories that will last for years to come.

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