Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Travel Affiliate Program

You have a travel blog or website, and you want to earn extra income by linking up with a travel affiliate program. There are many travel affiliate programs available on the Internet, and it might be overwhelming for you. How can you choose the best affiliate program to match your blog?

The Best Travel Affiliate Program for You

Here are the factors you need to consider in selecting the best travel affiliate program.

1. Do a test run.

As a travel enthusiast, you’re surely always on the hunt for the best deals on flights, hotel accommodations, and tours in your favorite destinations. Visit each travel affiliate program’s website and try to book a trip or a tour. Survey the packages that each website offers. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when you do your test run:

How easy is the travel affiliate program’s website to use?
How visually appealing is the website?
How fast does the website load? Does the website grab and sustain your interest?
How varied are the options for trips, flights, and tours?
How affordable are the offerings, as compared with those in other affiliate programs?
How popular are the offerings, packages, and promos?
How interactive is the website? Are there many reviews you can refer to?
If you were a real consumer, what travel affiliate website would you use to book your travel needs?

Basically, you have to put yourself in your blog followers’ shoes. What program would be the most attractive for your followers to use? Go with the travel affiliate program that you yourself would love using as a traveler. Being enthusiastic about the program you choose and telling your readers about this will help boost your earnings.

2. Get to know your target audience very well.

The best affiliate program will help you earn substantially if you’re cognizant of what your followers like and look for. Here are some things you can do to gain relevant insights about your target audience:

Create your customer profile. For your own use, write out a thorough description of your audience.
What kind of person would read your blog or visit your website?
Is the person working or studying?
Is the person single or married? Does the person have kids or pets?
How much is your reader earning? How much is he/she willing to spend on travel? Is he/she more on the lookout for budget trips and accommodations, or the price is no object for as long as the package is worth it?
What kind of accommodations is your reader looking for? What kind of tours or adventures is your reader interested to go on?

You may run surveys on your blog or website to get the information you need. Having a good customer profile will not only help you refine your website, but it will also help you choose the perfect travel affiliate program to partner with.

Check out what other travel blogs and websites are using as their travel affiliate program. You can see what is popularly used. You can likewise go on social media and find the problems that your readers are encountering, specifically in the area of travel. See if you can provide the answers to their problems through the travel affiliate program you offer. You can ask your contacts and followers on social media regarding their preferences for travel affiliate programs as well as their reasons for their choices.

3. Study the commission levels and earnings per click of the travel affiliate program.

Research on how you can earn with the travel affiliate program. Check also how supportive they are of their affiliates. Here are some questions you can look into:

How much will it cost to sign up? Does the affiliate program offer free sign-ups?
What are their special offers (search boxes, deep linking, banner integration options)?
What are the mechanics of their commission levels?
How do you get paid?
In what currency will you get paid?
How much can you possibly earn whenever your followers click on their programs and make bookings?

Choosing a travel affiliate program to sign up with is not a simple matter of going with the first one you find. Conducting a thorough assessment of the different travel affiliate programs currently available will help you find the program that will fit best with your website or blog. The perfect fit will translate into more income for you as an affiliate.

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