Extraordinary Trip: 7 Usual Activities to Try in Strange Places

When traveling, tourists usually choose a place in accordance with the activity which they can engage in there. Therefore, it’s not a secret that Egypt or Australia are suitable for diving, Austria or Switzerland – for skiing, and Caribbean or the American state of Florida are excellent for a beach holiday.

And what happens if we go in for winter sports in the United Arab Emirates, or dive underwater in Pennsylvania? Absolutely nothing! Especially since there are some good diving sites in Pennsylvania that can be found with a rental car for under 21.

This also applies to other destinations, where some activities will be interesting, but a little strange. So, let’s start our tour of 7 places for ordinary activities in unique places.

1. Diving in Pennsylvania, USA

Until the 1970s, Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA were used as a limestone quarry. Now it’s a 50-acre area and 100-foot deep lake full of freshwater fish. Even the most sophisticated divers will be impressed with the selection of objects available under the water.

At the bottom of the lake you can explore buses, bulldozers, airplanes, tankers, a fire truck, a helicopter and a tram. Also, there’s a water park and a camping site on the lakeside area.

Address: 4733 Hanoverville Road, Bethlehem

2. Surfing in Alaska, USA

Do you think that surfing is possible only in hot climates and with white sand on the shore? Surfers from Alaska absolutely disagree with you! They say that it’s in such places that you can actually take a deep breath of fresh air.

Quite often they manage to catch magnificent waves there. Sometimes it’s hard to surf in Alaska, but when you see the sun breaking through the clouds, and the forest bathes in its rays – you feel a moment of happiness. You will never find such amazing scenery in the tropics.

Address: Ocean Swell Ventures, Homer

3. Skiing in Dubai, UAE

Finding snow in this hot country is the same as flying to the moon. And yet, it’s there! Ski Dubai complex daily receives up to 1,500 travelers who wish to slide down its artificial slopes. This is the only ski resort in the Middle East and, of course, it’s located indoors.

Five slopes of varying degrees of difficulty are at your disposal: from the easiest ones for beginners to a steep 62-meters-high slope for professional skiers, as well as a site for snowboarders.

The world’s largest snow playground open every day from 10 am till 10 pm. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you have plenty of opportunities for entertainment, including a toboggan run, a double bobsled track, and a snowball. You don’t need to worry about ski equipment or the professional assistance of instructors, because all this is provided at the ski resort.

Address: Ski Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

4. Golf in Uummannaq, Greenland

Speaking of golf, we imagine the ideal green fields, men and women in beautiful clothes and snow-white gloves. This whole picture quickly disappears when you find yourself in Greenland and start playing snow golf.

Since 1997, extreme enthusiasts come there every year in March, where they start to play golf at temperatures from -30°C to -50°C. There’s even a special trophy for which more than 20 people compete annually.

Address: Uummannaq, Greenland

5. Urban rafting in Bologna, Italy

It’s hard to imagine a sports boat sailing through the streets of one of the most ancient Italian cities. Of course, this can be applied to Venice, but not to Bologna. However, similarly to Venice, the whole city represents a system of canals built during the middle Ages and reconstructed in the 50s of the 20th century.

Not all canals are filled with water, so for many travelers such a walk can be a kind of shock. Bologna often hosts sporting events and also uses swimming facilities to provide excursions.

6. Speleology in Jerusalem, Israel

In order to better fight the invasion of the Roman army back in the first century BC, Jewish rebels dug a series of tunnels under their villages outside Jerusalem. These secret channels gave the inhabitants of the city a great advantage over the armies of the Roman emperors, so they were watched for them extremely strictly.

Today, these channels can be seen almost in their original form. This type of recreation is suitable for those who don’t suffer from claustrophobia, as some caves with tunnels are very narrow and small. Inside, you can see the rooms where olive oil was prepared, as well as weapons and all kinds of provisions were stored.

7. Cable Riding in Dehli, India

Most often, such activity is offered in the jungle, but the Indians stretched the cables in urban areas. They pull ropes between the buildings, creating the so-called zip lines at a height of at least 10 meters above the ground.

You wear a special suspension system, a helmet, gloves, and then fly like a bird. It can be quite scary, because some cables are stretched in narrow streets and there is a high probability of stumbling upon someone else’s roof or pillar. This entertainment is popular in Delhi, Agra and many other Indian cities.

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