Exploring The Volcanoes Of Malaysia

Most volcanoes are located in the Pacific Ocean along a belt known as the “Ring of Fire.” Some volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands occur in the interior of plates and are called “hot spots.”  There are volcanoes in many parts of the world. Some of them are dormant, and others are on the verge of erupting. When we talk about Malaysia, we do not consider it as a nation with volcanoes.

However, there are quite a few volcanoes spread across the country. These haven’t erupted in a long time and are basically dormant ones.

Volcano Exploration Tourism in Malaysia

The tourism department is seriously considering unique holidays that will consist of visits to key locations with volcanic interest, especially in the town of Tawau. This is the area where Malaysia has its only active Volcano, which is located near Sabah in the eastern region of Malaysia.

According to a Tourism Spokesperson, volcano tourism can range from recreational tourism to adventure tourism. Tourists are always looking for something unique, and some tourists want something with an element of danger. This will be in addition to sightseeing, hiking, or mountaineering. Ou can book bus tickets online.

Two potential interests were identified. One was in Tawau Hill Park, which has white sulphur springs and an ancient crater at Mount Lucia. The second is the Bombalai volcano which is located near the border with Indonesia. This Volcano is supposed to have erupted thousands of years ago. However, some experts still consider this to be active.

Volcanoes in Malaysia

There are quite a few volcanoes spread across Malaysia and include the following:

Bombalai volcano is still considered an active volcano in Malaysia. The Bombalai cinder cone is part of a larger volcanic field on the Semporna Peninsula. The Volcano last erupted thousands of years ago. It is located in the northeast Borneo and is close to the Indonesian border in the Malaysian province of Sabah. It is across the Cowie harbour from the province of Kalimantan. The crater is 300 m wide with a breach to the south where two you lavas flow into the coastal area.

Mount Lucia is a volcanic mountain located in the Tawau Division of Sabah, Malaysia. It has an elevation of approximately 1200 m from sea level. This mountain was formed by the late Pleistocene volcanoes erupting. The mountain is made up of Pleistocene dacite. Since late 1979 it became part of Tawau Hills Park, where jungle trekking acting became popular in the area. The forest trail also leads to Mount Magdalena and Mount Maria.

Mount Magdalena has an elevation of approximately 1310m above mean sea level. It is a volcanic cone mountain located in the Tawau division of Sabah. This became part of the Tawau Hills Park in 1979. Jungle trekking is one of the favourite activities in this area. The forest trail eventually leads to Mount Lucia and Mount Maria.

The mountain was created by Pleistocene volcanoes, which shaped the prominent topographic features of the Semporna Peninsula and its surrounding areas. The mountains are made up of Pleistocene dacites. The surrounding mountain peaks are reported to have the potential of generating renewable energy (geothermal power).

Since Malaysia has several volcanoes in the country, it is leveraging it to open up new avenues in the tourist industry. Currently, this is a niche market since very few countries have started this form of tourism. Possibly, with time more countries will join the bandwagon, but till then, Malaysia has a near-monopoly in Volcano tourism.


Malaysia has a well-oiled tourism industry. It has a wide range of accommodation options that include opulent rooms for the wealthy as well as humble rooms for the common man, backpackers, students, and other tourists on a shoestring budget. Travelling around Malaysia is also easy as there are private cars, taxis, and public buses that are fairly cheap. You can also book bus tickets online.

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