Egypt, Why It’s a Popular Travel Destination for Vloggers

These days it seems every other video online is from a travel vlogger. Although many of them have similarities, successful travel vloggers have their own unique twist. A popular destination among regular tourists and content creators alike is Egypt – an ancient country with modern upgrades and vibrant street life. This is an analysis of its popularity.

Inexpensive, Yet Luxurious

Tickets to visit ‘Mother of the World’ are usually cheap, and tourists quickly find that high-class facilities in Egypt are also inexpensive. As many travel vloggers are starting their careers in the industry, and still relying on market leaders such as SubscriberZ to help grow their channels, a low-cost travel option is very attractive. The country is budget-friendly simply due to economics, and the price tag does not reflect the quality of services provided in any way. On the contrary, tourists find that Egypt has some of the highest standards in the service industry, with hosts and hostesses always going the extra mile to please their guests.

Ancient History

For travelers with a love for all things historical, ancient Egyptian sites are mesmerizing. After all, they are the oldest civilization in the whole world. They built massive pyramids of architectural splendor, with opulence and beauty that cannot be matched. They invented a writing system so complex and beautiful. Their ancient Egyptian civilization is still being discovered and studied seven millennia later. If vloggers focused their entire trip on visiting the ancient historical sites of Egypt, they would have ample material to work from as new archaeological finds with decades of research ahead are still being discovered.

A Friendly People

Ask any foreigner in Egypt on their impression of Egyptian people, and they will all report that they are always smiling, laughing; despite all the hardships many of them face. Egyptians have always been a welcoming society, and have accommodated visitors as much as they are able. In remote villages, many people have learned several languages to communicate with tourists and other visitors that pass by – and they will undoubtedly invite people over for a cup of tea or a meal.

Cairo: Ancient City with a Modern Streak

Although Cairo is a very old city (clearly seen just by looking at the amazing architecture); modern facilities are readily available all over the city. It is one of the most densely populated cities on Earth, and a walk through old Cairo is an experience in itself. The city has both old-style bustling street bazaars and modern air-conditioned shopping malls. However, despite the luxury of the modern malls, tourists might quickly find that they have fallen in love with the charm of old Cairo. Many might name New York as the city that never sleeps, but that is also true for Cairo. A visit to this ancient city is especially exquisite during the holy month of Ramadan (a 30 day period in which Muslims all over the world observe a fast during sunlit hours).

Beaches in Egypt

For the tourist that wants to swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach, they can leave the riverbed of the longest river in the world (The Nile), and visit one of several beach cities in the north of Egypt, onlooking the Mediterranean. Alexandria is an ancient city and a popular option among those looking for a uniquely Egyptian experience. Travel vloggers will find there are plenty of activities to do and places to visit in Alexandria. It was an important city in all the eras of Egyptian history. Tourists can find beaches, astounding architecture, and high-class services here.
On the other end of Egypt, onlooking an entirely separate sea (The Red Sea), are several modern resort towns such as Hurghada and Sham El Sheikh which are well-known for their exquisite service and luxurious hotels. These opulent resorts are usually closed off from the rest of Egypt and are less densely populated than older cities.

Visitors, as simple tourists or travel vloggers, will find that Egypt is a safe, inexpensive destination with many things to do. A friendly people, rich history, modern luxuries, gorgeous architecture, and breath-taking landscapes are only a few reasons that make Egypt a popular travel destination that will keep tourists revisiting year after year.

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