Dreamy Hardwood Flooring Options for a Travel-Inspired Home

Nostalgic about your previous travels or simply dreaming about your next out-of-town or out-of-country adventure? Well, dream no more and live in your own dream home inspired by your travels and travels-to-be. And even with the right color palette and personal knick knacks to adorn your home, flooring options are also a huge factor in adding that travel-inspired look and feel. Hardwood floors are a wonderful choice to add a rustic charm that takes you to the traditional villas of Europe or the modern tropical kampung homes in Bali. Professional Dallas flooring companies can help you with your options and install these hardwood floors in your home properly.

Here are a few dreamy hardwood options to give your home that wanderlust flair:

Distressed Wood

Distressed planks of wood come in a diverse variety and add a picturesque element to any room in the home. Wider planks are gaining popularity not just for their aesthetic but also because they have less seams which requires less planks to be installed.

Maple Hardwood

Maple hardwood’s amber color adds a warm glow to any room that is likened to a Swiss chalet. While this type of hardwood is popular in bedrooms and living rooms, it is becoming a trend in powder rooms all across the country.

Oak Hardwood

Oak, particularly red oak, features amber tones that can blend with most designs whether you’re going for a more traditional look or a more modern interior. Despite its beauty, it is also very durable, making it ideal for areas in your home with high foot traffic.

Ebonized or Dark Hardwood

Darker hardwoods like cherry, oak, and maple complement sleek interiors that place a prime on minimalist design. Modern kitchens like those of contemporary Swedish design utilize a blend of ebonized or dark hardwood along with clean surfaces usually made of glass or marble.

Weathered Wood

Weathered wood adds an instant rustic charm to any part of the house and can easily blend with any design concept. Reclaimed wood or recycled hardwood with its natural weathered look can also spark conversations with guests. But most of all, this type of flooring gives a natural antique look that is reminiscent of ancestral homes all over the world.

Brazilian Cherry

Exotic hardwood like Brazilian cherry offers instant character in any home. With a variety of colors featured in the grain itself, the hardwood gives a patched feel to the floor that takes you straight away to a South American villa in the tropics.


Good for the environment and even better for your wallet, eucalyptus wood is a more sustainable option to traditional hardwood flooring. Its natural grain gives any room a touch of character. From a MidWestern-inspired home to a more Asian feel, eucalyptus hardwood flooring can be utilized in any style because of its versatile look.

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