Don’t Let The Monsoon Season Keep You From Exploring Vietnam

Summer is the best time to travel, but Vietnam can claim an exception to that impression because even during rainy months, Vietnam has got all the best experiences and palatable dishes to offer for tourists all year round.

The Best Time To Travel

The best time to tour the country is during spring or autumn when the temperature is cooler and with less rainfall. The rainiest months are roughly from May to September, but don’t let these downpours keep you from getting the best experience of the season and getting to know its people better.

The Perfect Rain Gear

A poncho is a two-headed plastic rain gear that the locals, maybe two or three, wear when riding a motorbike. Don’t be surprised if you find a ratio of only 10 cars versus 100 motorbikes on the road; motorbikes are the basic medium of transportation in Vietnam.

Sights To See

Sip your early morning coffee in Hoan Kiem Lake and get the feel of ancient Hanoi or be astonished by the mystical view of terrace fields in Lao Cai.

If you go there in July and still want to enjoy a day in pristine beaches, head to the south central province of Phu Yen, and you might just want to consider hopping to Giang province for a nice traditional boat ride in August.

And do you know where to sight different sizes and colors of the famous Vietnamese lanterns? Visit the old town of Hoi An. You will pass by small wooden houses, moss covered walls and street vendors in streets filled with beautiful lanterns of different shapes and colors, a remarkable and nostalgic travel destination in Vietnam.  

Cuisines To Crave For

Keep yourself warm by the exotic taste of Pho (noodles soup) which may come in variety of flavors like pho cay (spicy beef), pho bo vien (with beef meatballs), pho tai (with thin beef slices), pho hai san (seafood), spiced up with jalapeno, sriracha, hoisin sauce and the firm noodles in hot broth – all these will surely make you ask for more.

But if you happen to be in Ho Chi Minh City, indulge in the wide array of barbecue dishes in Saigon Grill in Pasteur street. Ho Chi Minh city exhibits foreign influence in Vietnam, hosting various foreign owned restaurants like American, Korean and Brazilian cuisines.

Spring rolls the Vietnamese way! It’s called Goi cuon – salad greens, meat or seafood, coriander rolled in translucent rice wrappers, which perfectly tastes when dipped in fish or peanut sauce.

While sandwich lovers will surely love Banh mi. A hefty meal of colorful and healthy combination of vegetables, sausages, fried egg, fresh cilantro, chilli sauce and cheese in a French baguette.

Vietnam is just a small conservative country in Southeast Asia, but was greatly visible in the eyes of its mighty predators like China, Japan and America. The invasion may have left a blot in the country’s history, but culture and authenticity remained, which is widely exhibited in the places and their food.

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