Dolphin Discovery is the Only Member of ALLIANCE in Los Cabos

Mexico is one of our favorite places for a great vacation. We think that it truly has something for everyone.

Yet with so many great places to visit, Los Cabos is definitely one of the top destinations in the country, and so easy to get there with the Cabo airport shuttle.

Its combination of desert and sea is certainly most unique and creates an astonishing Oasis unlike the other tropical tourist destinations in Mexico, such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.

Even with all of the fun that Los Cabos has to offer, there is one special amusement that everyone will enjoy, the Swim with Dolphins in Los Cabos.

Whether you are in search of a family fun activity, a great way to spend a day in the surf and sun, or just looking to feel like a kid again this adventure can’t miss in any sun drenched beach destination. But Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos stands out from most other dolphin experiences because they are members of the ALLIANCE.

The Alliance of Marine Mammal Park and Aquariums accredits that all of their members provide the animals in their facilities with the best care and attention.  They also make sure to take the time to teach visitors valuable information about the marine mammals and connect with them in a real and individual fashion. This helps to provide greater understanding and continuing conservation efforts with their guests.

Another one of the important points of being a member of the ALLIANCE is that they guarantee that all members must take proper care of, and give the best quality of life possible to, the animals under their management. Should any of the members fail to comply with these rules they will be asked to relinquish their accreditation immediately.

So you know that you can feel good about swimming with dolphins, but it is only one of the many activities in Los Cabos.  Another adventure that you can experience personally in Dolphin Discovery is an awesome sea lion interaction. Here you will not only get to participate up close with sea lions, but you will also discover the difference between them and seals. Here’s a hint, it’s all about their ears.

Finally, Los Cabos is in the middle of a desert, so is a good habitat for the camels. That’s right, camels! And you can  meet them, learn from them, and even give them a kiss!

With all of this fun and action, Los Cabos is certainly not to be missed!

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