Discover the Ultimate Luxury Driving Tour of Europe

If you are an automobile enthusiast who loves luxury, a holiday in Europe driving some of the world’s fastest supercars would prove to be an experience of a lifetime. These luxury driving tours put you behind the wheel as you travel through different countries across Europe enjoying the serene landscape. Read on as we explore what Europe’s driving tours have to offer so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience.

Exclusive Tours

Almost every driving tour is kept exclusive to small groups, allowing for better comfort and privacy during the trip. From Germany’s famous backroads to the Swiss Alps, you will be driving through some famous landmarks and places across Europe. As you pass through charming countrysides, snow-capped mountains, and lakes, you will find yourself in awe of the surroundings, making it an exclusive experience for you to enjoy.

Car Fleet

You will get a chance to drive popular supercars, providing you with ultimate luxury, and a driving experience fit for an adrenaline junkie. Let’s look at some of the most notable cars offered for the tour.

    • Bentley Continental GT: with 650 horsepower and a max speed of 335km/h, the Bentley Continental GT is a grand touring vehicle, sporting a powerful engine and an elegant interior.
    • Ferrari 812: A true Ferrari with an upfront 12-cylinder engine and sheer power of 800HP would be a great choice when you are looking for a superfast experience.
    • Lamborghini Aventador S: Having a top speed above 350kn/h, the Lamborghini is the ultimate choice for a motoring enthusiast.

Other cars in the fleet include supercars like the famous Aston Martin DB811, Lamborghini Huracan Performance, Ferrari Portofino, and many other options to choose from. Dedicating some time to research is necessary when planning a driving tour of Europe so you can know the cars available in the fleet. This will also ensure the availability of the supercar you prefer to drive on your tour. These driving tours give you the option for exclusive add-ons like visiting popular landmarks and even opting for helicopter transfers.

Tour Highlights

You will be starting your luxury European holiday from Stuttgart and driving through the black forest. On your way, you can opt to stay in local villages and enjoy the landscape. You don’t need to worry about meals or accommodation as everything will be covered in the tour, providing you with the ultimate experience of luxury and comfort.

The Italian lakes region, the mesmerizing Maritime Alps drive, and the Lavender fields of Provence are some of the famous places you will be passing through. The luxury driving tour for Europe also offers an optional F1 drive to enjoy the exclusive cocktail party on a superyacht and a ride to the Monaco Grand Prix event the next day where you will be enjoying the race from your superyacht. You can tweak the trip according to your preferences as well. Therefore, it’s best to review the standard schedule for the trip if you want to make changes.

Throughout the tour, you will be staying at luxury hotels, resorts, and eating meals at famous restaurants in the region. Going for a luxury driving tour of Europe is indeed a dream come true and an experience of a lifetime for an adrenaline junkie.

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