Different Steps Of A Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims (like back injury claims) are a common thing these days. These claims are mostly filed by the people who are looking to get a compensation for their injury in an accident or at their workplace. Many people still thing that claiming and winning the claim is an easy process that includes preparing all the needed documents, filing the claim, and settling the claim either outside or inside the courtroom. But things are never that easy.

Here are different stages of a filing a personal injury claim and defending it to get your claimed money from the accused.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the first and the most important step that you have to take if you’re planning to file a claim. Legal representation would mean that you’re represented well in front of the court and anywhere else if need be. You can easily conduct a thorough  research on the internet and fund the one that’s work the best for your interests.Let’s say you are suffering from a back injury, please remember to do your research, and find the best Back injury lawyer to represent you legally.

Live-Action Protocol

Timing is important in claiming back injury compensation. Depending your local laws, this may differ. In the state I am from, as soon as you’ve hired a lawyer, they will send a letter of claim to the defendant and explain to them exactly what happened and what harm did that thing caused you. Other party is given 21 days to access the claim letter and talk to their legal representatives and insurance company to dig deeper into the issue. They have to respond within the first 21 days, and after that, they have a 3 months period to prepare all the legal documents to defend their case. A settlement is possible at this step. However, if the defendant denies your claim, you’ll have to proceed to the next steps.

Compiling All The Necessary Evidence

Collecting all the evidence would become a necessity if you’re the defendant denies to acknowledge your claim. Competence of your lawyer would be tested in this crucial phase, as they’ll have to collect every piece of evidence to make your case stronger. Hire a good lawyer who’d use all of their resources to collect the evidence and make a strong argument in the defense of your claim.

Having All The Medical Evidence On Hand

No matter of your defendant has acknowledged the claim or not, you’ll have to gather all the medical evidence related to the accident as well. This is usually a simple process and good lawyers even compile these documents as they arrive to save a lot of time. This is also an important step because it helps you in accessing the real value of your injury.


A settlement can be achieved at any stage of the accident injury claim. A price is decided and the defendant pays the claimant to settle the claim. However, this case can be brought into the court and you can undergo trials to win your fair amount if the settlement fails to happen.

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