A Destination for Every Season- Top Places to Visit in Italy All Year Round!

When booking a vacation, we often find ourselves checking when exactly the best time of year to visit is, with a lot of different considerations- the weather, the crowds, national holidays, the list goes on! Italy is a somewhat special country to visit because there is not one season in particular in which it is best to go. There are incredible destinations suited to each of the four seasons, depending on what you want from your vacation. Here are my tips for the best locations for each of the seasons!

Spring in Rome

There is nothing like springtime in Rome. The sun is out, nature is in full bloom and the city comes alive. April-May is considered the ‘shoulder season’ and tourism isn’t quite as high as it is come summer, which means lower accommodation prices. Having the streets bustling, but not overcrowded, makes all the difference. When you need a break from walking, there are plenty of beautiful parks throughout the city to relax in. Let’s not forget that one of the major perks of Rome in the spring is the food. Local spring delicacies re-appear on menus around town, including the classic Roman artichoke. Spring in Rome is also sunny and warm, but not the stifling hot temperatures you would experience in August- but certainly warm enough for a gelato!

Rome’s ‘Festa della Primavera’ (Festival of Spring) also takes place, bringing beautiful Azaleas to the Spanish Steps. Then Rome’s birthday is on April 21, so you can find concerts, street parades and fireworks over the Tiber River in celebration.

Summer in Sardinia

Sardinia is an island that has it all. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water ideal for swimming and diving, cliffs and coves that you will make you appreciate the sunny weather even more. Sardinia is a gorgeous mix of luxurious, incredible beaches, and a much wilder interior where you may find a sheep or two on the roads during your drive. By summertime, the sea will be at an ideal swimming temperature and a dip in the water is the perfect way to break up exploring through Tiscali’s nuraghic ruins, holm oak forests or Nora’s submerged Roman ruins.

Fall in Tuscany

Tuscany in the fall time boasts beautiful colors and harvest season. September is wine month and October and November mean olive harvest, truffle hunting and chestnuts. You can try fresh local foods, such as risotto ai porcini and truly enjoy what the region has to offer. As an extra bonus, there are often less tourists during the fall time so you can have a more authentic experience and travel village to village throughout the countryside. Definitely something worth noting, there is the Festival of Truffles in San Miniato come November and you can visit national parks, such as Casentino, with sunshine yet less intense heat. From food and wine to activities ranging from horseback riding to hiking, it is hard to not fall in love with Tuscany, especially during the fall.

Winter in the Dolomites

The Dolomites have the beautiful landscapes with a mix of Germanic/Latin culture where you can enjoy the fresh air and truly relax. Located in the north of Italy (Trentino/South Tyrol), the Dolomites are an awarded UNESCO world heritage site. During the wintertime, you can do classic activities such as sledding, skiing and snowboarding. Though every view and site you will experience here is magical, you can make it that much more special by stargazing at a world-class observatory atop the Dolomites. However you choose to spend your time in the mountains, you will be greeted by lovely locals and views to remember. The north of Italy has a very different vibe to that which you might find in Naples or Rome, and the influence of its European neighbors can be noted. There are also delicious dishes that come from the north of Italy such as Polenta, game meat and ‘Tris di Canederli’ a kind of ball of bread filled with cured meats and incredibly tasty.

These are just some of the many, many locations to visit in Italy, and generally a lot of the destinations are lovely for different reasons all year round. It does need to be mentioned though that the beach towns tend to be closed and quiet over the winter months and summer in the big cities can be very, very hot. To find all the different excursions, activities and places to visit whilst on your trip sites like Musement.com offer a really big list of everything you can do locally, whether you want luxury, free activities or something a little off the beaten track.

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