Creative Hacks Every Photographer Should Know

Photography is a new and evolving field in the 21st century. With the advent of digital magazines, visual storytelling through photography is now a popular medium of creative expression.

If you wish to pursue a career as a photographer, you need to stay updated with the latest photography news, including photography hacks. This blog will teach you how to get the best photographs you can, without fancy equipment.

You do not need to invest a huge sum of money from the beginning. A standard DLSR, a good smartphone, and a proper photoshoot setting are enough to try your hand at photography.

Creative Photography Hacks

The following are some of the creative photography hacks that you must know about:

Vaseline is a savior

Remember to always carry some Vaseline around with your camera and equipment. If you want a soft glow in portrait mode, then Vaseline will facilitate that.

Rub some Vaseline on the camera filter or use a bit of transparent plastic. This photography hack was popularised by the old Hollywood films of the 1940s.

Bokeh effect

You must have heard about the bokeh effect if you are serious about photography. ‘Bokeh’ is a Japanese word that can be translated as ‘blurry’. It is the blurry effect you get when a photograph is intentionally out-of-focus.

Cut out shapes from black cardboard. These could be hearts, circles, stars, and more. Cover the camera lens with these cut-outs. Then experiment with the focal lengths.

Nylon stockings filter

You could make use of the old nylon stockings that you no longer use. Put the stocking over your camera lens and attach it with a rubber band. If the stocking is white, the effect will be neutral. You could go for colored stockings for a better effect.

Plastic bag

Do you want photographs coming out a bit hazy? Love the mysterious vibe such photographs give? All you need is a plastic quart bag (like those used for sandwiches). Cover the camera lens with this, and you are all set to go.

Fishing wire

Do your outdoor shots need some extra zing? Then you must carry some fishing wire with you. Fix a bit of thin fishing wire across your camera lens. Don’t worry because the wire will not show in your photographs. Only the light flashing reflecting off it will.

Wool effect

Take a woolen sweater or a shawl and stretch it in front of your camera lens. This will give your photographic subject a soft frame. Remember to keep the focus on the subject and not the woolen cloth.

Tea strainer

Use a tea strainer to get the desired shadow and light effect on your portraits. Tea strainers are great when it comes to photographing close-ups of a subject’s facial features. If you change the distance, the pattern changes accordingly.

Reading glasses

If you want to get the lens-ball photography effect at no extra cost, then dig out your old reading glasses. Fix the reading glasses on your camera lens to get a magnifying effect.

Use an old CD/DVD

You still have a couple of old CDs or DVDs lying around right? You can now use them for this photography hack. Hold a CD or DVD in front of the camera lens to get the best lens flare you can without extra equipment.

Reflective paper

If you plan to start your photography career with product marketing, then you need lots of reflective paper. Wrap some cardboard with reflective paper. Place your product on a wrapped piece of cardboard. Place another such cardboard such that light reflects off it. You will get the perfect product photograph with the sole focus on the product only.

Glass table

You might have a glass coffee table in the living room. If so, you can use it to get terrific results. Place the photographic subject under the table’s glass top and sprinkle some pieces of glass for extra effect. This will guarantee a frosty look.

Tinsel and metallic streamers

Metallic streamers are excellent as frames for a headshot. If you need a headshot and the background seems absolutely vile, then adding a couple of metallic streamers can make the headshot stand out.

Sheet music or book pages

Sheet music or pages from books can work wonders when it comes to photography. Get someone to drop sheets of music or pages from books as you prepare to take shots with your camera.

Remember that as a photographer it is essential for you to get a good camera, proper equipment, and client referrals. Money is important in this business. Selling a couple of your photographs as stock images is not a bad idea.

Use these great hacks to improve your photography skills and emerge as a better version of yourself!

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