Create a Glowing Celebration with ManhattanNeons

Whether it’s the classic signs in Las Vegas, or the local theater, restaurant, or corner bar and grill, for as long as we can remember the bright glow and flashing colors of neon lights have always been an indication of good times to come.

What if you could capture that feeling and electrify your next party, wedding, or any big event? That would certainly add an air of excitement to the festivities, and it’s sure to make any celebration more memorable.

Good news! It is actually very easy to pull this off with a little help from your friends at ManhattanNeons. Now your soirée can have all the flash and fun of a night out on the town.

They have an incredible variety to choose from with impressive, festive illuminations that are perfect for everything from birthdays, to weddings, graduations, to anniversaries and any other occasion that calls for a good party.

But if none of these tickle your fancy, or you just feel like expressing yourself in your own distinctive style, they invite you to design your very own original sign that captures the essence of your special occasion.

This way, when guests see your vivid Happy Birthday or Wedding Neon Sign it will certainly be a first time special experience. We all want our affair to be one to remember, something above and beyond the ordinary, and this will certainly help to make that happen.

Without a doubt, neon has enthralled folks for over a century. Soon after the discovery of the gas back in 1898, it was also discovered that if it was trapped in a glass tube and electrical current was sent through it, a wonderful light would appear. French inventor, Georges Claude, demonstrated this to everyone’s delight at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. People loved it and in almost no time a huge new industry had emerged.

Businesses quickly realized that these bright, colorful displays could do a bang up job of attracting customers. So soon almost every theater had an impressive marquee featuring the lights. Then smaller establishments, began to jump on the bandwagon until, as we said, Just about everybody who saw them loved them.

These eye-catching displays became a big part of our lives and people became completely captivated by their brilliant and colorful shine. We would say that they have achieved an almost mythical status. In fact, there are even several museums dedicated to the beauty, craft, and kitschy appeal of these bright, tubular bulbs and the fantastic creations that have been fashioned out of them. We have visited the one in Las Vegas and can highly recommend it.

However, the process of blowing and shaping glass tubes, and filling them with a variety of different gasses that each reveal their own individual color when high voltage is applied, was difficult and time consuming. It was also quite expensive. But like so many things, modern technology has changed all of that. New neon signs can be created much faster, and for a lot less money. They also use much less electricity.

This means that all of us can now have access to creating our very own amazing neon sign! And they are not just for special occasions, imagine including one in the personalized décor of your home. What a great way to light up your family room, den, or patio.

Or maybe give the old man cave an upgrade so it feels like a vintage lounge from back in the Rat Pack era.

I don’t know, we might never leave the house again.

David & Veronica,

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