Crab Island Vacationing – A Brief Guide

Dotted with hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes is a common sight at Crab Island. It is the most talked-about destination for vacationing in Destin, Florida.  It is hard not to hear the name when you visit Florida; such is the popularity of the place. It is the top summertime destination for those who want to spend time under the sun while playing in the water that maintains a low level overall and rarely goes above the waist. The destination has earned global recognition through wide publicity across television shows, travel magazines, and other publications that hail it as the most preferred destination for those who want to spend some fun time under the sky amid the sand and blue water that create an irresistible attraction. To know more about the place, visit

Formation of the Crab Island

It will not be wrong to say that Crab Island is man-made as its history points to it. During the 1960s, the Army Corps of Engineers landed on the island, undertook the task of dredging the Destin Pass, and in the process, created jetties to stabilize the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. The sand excavated during dredging was offloaded in the Choctawhatchee Bay and formed the sandbar that we see today, which acquired the name Crab Island. With time, there was a steady flow of sand from the Gulf of Mexico carried by the tidal currents and hurricanes, and it eventually helped in forming the underwater sandbar that people still know as an island.

Unique location

Casually speaking, people usually say that Crab Island is located to the north of the Destin Bridge or Marler Bridge, which it is, but this does not reveal the uniqueness of the location. Precisely it is located inside Destin’s East Pass at the southern entrance of the Choctawhatchee Bay. It remains protected from the wave and surf typically seen at the beach while remaining open to the ebb and tide of the emerald green crystal-clear water is what makes the location unique.  Although not an island, it is located amid the water, and you can only reach it by boat.

What makes Crab Island so popular?

People are fond of the shallow water around sandbars, which is one reason why sandbars turn into popular hangouts. Crab Island is different from other sandbars as it offers something more than other places with similar characteristics. Although it began the journey like any other sandbar, with time, it has established its unique appeal that drives hordes of people to the destination.  It is an excellent place for revelers and family to anchor their boats not far from the shore and float or wade in the tranquil water while enjoying the tropical atmosphere.

Choose from a variety of boating options to reach the island. When in a group, you can rent a pontoon that can accommodate many people, while some individuals might prefer to reach the sandbar by paddle boarding or kayaking. Cruises that operate daily are also another choice.

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