Common Bike Brake Problems and How to Solve Them?

Cycling brings calm and peace to fitness enthusiasts. Without maintenance, however, even a bicycle will come to a disturbing halt. There might be an issue with wiring, paddles, or brakes from time to time.

However, learn the problems and their solutions related to different types of bike brakes and other functionalities. This will make your journey on your favorite bicycle bikes better and smooth.

At least you won’t feel left out anywhere for no one to approach. Instead, with the proper knowledge, you know what to do.

Also, you get better at taking care of your bikes before going on for that amazingly super-charging ride of the day.

Common bike problems to tackle:

Brake pads stop engaging or moving

Something is wrong when you’re tugging the existing brake lever, and you see that the brake pads do not engage with the rim surface. It means the cable of this brake now has extra slack.

This could be due to the depreciating factor of the bike. It often happens after the incorrect assembly of wires or nonprofessional replacement of a tire or a tube. The disc-shaped cable end comes to use here, which connects the brake lever to the cable. At times, the cable loosely connects to the brake lever during assembly. So, the fix is simple: you tighten the disc-shaped cable end with the lever of your bike’s brake.

Noodle causing slack in the brake lever

If the cable isn’t the issue for brake pads to work inefficiently, it must be the noodle. If it isn’t correctly helmed over the brake channel, it causes slack. This further discourages the brake pads from engaging.

The brake system must be tightly looped in. Thus, sit this noodle on the brake arm properly and firmly. You can use your DIY tools to tighten this noodle.

Brake is squealing

This is the most common problem in the v-brakes of conventional bicycle bikes. This indicates that your bike brake is corrupted with contamination or any other dirt material/particle.

The best fix to such a problem is to clean your bike’s brake pads and rims. Make sure no debris is left at any corner of the brake system.

There are many degreasers available online that you can use to remove the dirt and gravel chunks from different nooks of your bike’s precious brake channel and system.

Brakes are rubbing

This means your bike’s brake pads consistently touch and rub against the rim surface. This shouldn’t happen when you don’t need them to touch the surface. Otherwise, riding the bike at its normal speed is challenging, even on a typical terrain.

Besides slowing the speed, premature rubbing can cause pads to tear, which causes further damage and nuisance to the rim surface.

The best fix here is to install pads and rims properly into the bike. You can go to the best technician or mechanic nearby. Let them solve this issue for you. If you’re planning to participate in a race or burn some calories using your bike, address this issue proactively.

Maligned wheel

Sometimes, a maligned wheel can also cause these premature brake rubs. The best solution here is to check the entire bike by an expert technician or mechanic in your locality.

When your bike’s wheel wobbles here and there without giving you control, know that it is disrupted and needs better assembly. A maligned wheel can cause accidents on the road as you lose the sense of direction while trying to wheel your bike onto a particular route.

The best fix here is to set the axle right on which the wheel moves. There is a quick release on your bike. Loosen it first to set the axle angle. Once you’re sure of the axle on the drop-outs, re-tighten your precious bike’s aforesaid, quick release.

This malign wheel will now be resolved. It also helps in tackling the previous problem of premature brake rubs. Give this wheel a spin to test the assembly and your DIY tactics. Check if it is still wobbling around.

If it, the best option here is to go to the mechanic nearby to avoid causing heavy or severe accidents on the road. It is for everyone’s safety, including yours, while riding the bike.

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