Channeling our Inner Celebrity in Boston!

We were guests of AARP Members Advantage at the AARP Life@50+ Expo. As always, all opinions are our own.

The GypsyNesters on the cover of AARP Magazine! Well, kind of.

Once again we found ourselves at the fantastic Life@50+ Expo – this time in Boston!

And this time we landed on the cover of AARP Magazine! Well, sort of.

Becoming cover models is just one of the myriads of fun activities we participated in while visiting Beantown. And though it’s just a fantasy cover, it’s certainly a fantasy well worth having!

While pretending to be celebrities, we found ourselves mingling with several real celebrities – it’s nuts how many made the Life@50+ scene this year!

At the Life Reimagined stage, we listened to the incredible Linda Ronstadt speak with Soledad O’Brien about her life after Parkinson’s disease has taken away her ability to sing. Now adding author to her list of accomplishments, she is forging ahead into new territory – what a woman! Later, we chatted a bit more personally backstage – a dream come true for our California-rock-obsessed selves!

On the main stage, we watched Whoopi Goldberg and Jay Leno hysterically dish about life. Afterward we had a chance to meet them.

Here’s a photo of our buddies Elin and Allen backstage…

…because ours turned out like this (note to self: set your camera settings properly before handing your camera over to folks equally as excited to meet Jay and Whoopi):

Oops! The GypsyNesters pose with Jay Leno and Whoopi Goldberg

Maybe the blurriness comes from the fact that we were shocked that Whoopi remembered meeting David at Jazz Fest when he was performing in New Orleans. FIFTEEN years ago. True story. The woman has a mind like a steel trap!

Another way we AARP-ers are treated like superstars is the many ways we can flash our AARP cards for travel discounts. We headed to our favorite pavilion,, to get the scoop:

In addition to the great new deal from zipcar, members receive up to 30% off Avis, up to $400 off British Airways flights, as well as discounts from Vacations by Rail, hotel and cruise savings, and, our personal go-to site, AARP Travel Center powered by Expedia!

New to the line up is Liberty Travel – a full service travel agency with 24/7 support and emergency services for those of us who enjoy the full travel package experience with knowledgeable agents. Follow AARP Member Advantages on Facebook to keep up with the latest.

Our newfound fame would go to waste if we didn’t give back, right? All kidding aside, our favorite part of the expo is the Celebration of Service. Prior to every national event, thousands of AARP-ers are unleashed into the host city in order to do good in droves.

This year we were proud to participate by packing food bags for the hungry of Boston.

Hanging out in the AARP Bookstore at the Life@50+ Expo

At the AARP Bookstore, there were authors galore – signing books, reading passages, and mingling with attendees. We tried to pick up pointers so we’re ready when our book comes out in February!

Our final brush with greatness came when Mary Wilson and The Spinners hit the stage for a concert we will never forget!

Mary Wilson and the Spinners took the stage at AARP's Life@50+ Expo

What a way to end our stay, we can hardly wait until the next Life@50+ in Miami!

David & Veronica,

We were guests of AARP Members Advantage at the AARP Life@50+ Expo. As always, all opinions are our own.

Also at Life@50+ – the Movies for Grownups Film Festival
See the big time we had last year in Atlanta!

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15 thoughts on “Channeling our Inner Celebrity in Boston!”

  1. From bloggers to fronting the cover AARP’s magazine … you guys have come a long way since the early days! How was meeting Oprah? So jealous!

  2. How exciting for the two of you!! It just goes to show that your idea of traveling and becoming the Gypsy Travelers caught the attention of many and grew at a fast pace.
    Can’t argue with success. Kudo’s

  3. You are my favorite celebrities there! I loved the fact that you are hanging with my favorites. Makes me want to sign up for AARP another year! lol Keep it up! I’m proud to be on your list of followers and friends!

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