Challenges Faced by Students when Writing Essays

An article on some of the most common issues and challenges that students face in their quest to come up with excellent essays that can guarantee them good grades.

The life of a student is comprised of a beautiful mix of gloomy, happy, and worthwhile experiences. Nonetheless, the experiences encountered throughout the academic journey aid in preparing students to endure the life challenges that await them in the future. Students have to go through diverse tests, which are aimed at sharpening their skills. There is nothing as frustrating as staring at a blank piece of paper in an exam room or as you try and complete your project with no clue of what to write. However, that is often the reality most students encounter when they are about to write an essay. Whether it is a research, argumentative, persuasive, or a narrative, students face different forms of challenges when writing essays. With the introduction of the internet as well as the advancement of technology, students can easily access tips for the essay structure. This essay will discuss the challenges faced by students when writing essays.

In most cases, most of the essays that are assigned to students follow different structures that are usually very difficult to master. For students to come with proper papers, they need to have years and years of practice. Another way to beat the challenge may involve getting professional help from companies such as Peachy Essay. Most students can, however, attest to the fact that it is not easy to create exceptional papers and that it is somehow stressful especially in circumstances where they are not able to access some form of help or advice such as an assessment helper online. By exploring some of these challenges, you are able to expect some difficulties and find ways to solve them well in advance. Let us explore some of the most common challenges that students are exposed to as they try and write great essays.

Lack of good time management skills

Time is a limited resource, which slips away easily without an individual realizing. Wasted time makes an individual develop a sorrowful emotion since they feel that they would have achieved more if they had invested their time well. Most students have difficulties in managing their time. As a result, they use the last minutes struggling to come up with quality content in a limited time. This can prove to be exceedingly stressful since the amount of pressure to get the work done is simply too much. In addition, in most cases, the students are required to write and submit dozens of essays within a close timeframe. Writing an essay is simply a time-consuming activity that involves a number of steps. Apart from conducting good research, you also need to invest a considerable amount of time writing good content using an acceptable language and format. Whereas some of the students with poor time management skills fail to submit their essays on time, others fail to handover completely. This can have some undesirable and detrimental effects on the final grade. To avoid such situations, students are encouraged to make use of time management tools to assess their time management skills.

Organization of thoughts

Mastering the skill of writing your arguments in an organized way is not easy. It requires an individual to do a lot of practice. Unfortunately, most students do not have enough time to practice due to the huge workload from different units one does. Other students lack good mentors that can help them master the art of writing. In addition, most students are scared of seeking help when they find themselves stuck. However, writing an essay should not be that difficult. With enough practice and time management skills, one can easily develop the skill of organizing their arguments. In most essays, you will be required to take a stance on a certain topic and support your ideas. Convincing your readers will require you to provide a solid argument, which can only be made when an individual has taken enough time to reflect and process their thoughts. Students should realize that one of the key fundamentals of organizing their content is by being able to shift the perspective and context as well as developing a full understanding of the requirements of the paper.

Reading practices 

Most of the challenges an individual encounters while writing their essays originate from poor reading practices. Students devote little of their time to do research and gather the information that will support their arguments. Students should ensure that they are not only reading enough but also efficiently so that they can develop a good understanding of what is pertained in the topic. Failure to read enough will make it difficult for a person to support their arguments with the best references. In case you feel like you have poor reading practices, you should not hesitate to seek assistance from friends or lecturers. Poor reading practices also deny you as a writer the chance to interact with other written essays meaning that you are not able to borrow ideas from other writers. For example, most good writers borrow styles and language from people that they admire. When they combine this borrowed style with their own, they are able to come up with great pieces that can be appreciated by their audiences. The same can significantly help you to write proper essays, although most students do not take this fact into consideration.

Lack of relevant references

You may encounter diverse challenges in writing quality essays if you are not using the right sources. The lecturer may doubt the relevancy or the legitimacy of your essay if it does not contain the right references. Most students have difficulty in accessing the correct information because they use the wrong sources. Before using any reference, it is important that you first check its credibility. Some sources contain biased information, which should not be used in writing academic essays. Anytime you write an essay, you should ensure that you use a sufficient number of references and you cite them correctly. However, in situations where you are doing creative writing, where there is no borrowing of ideas or words, there is no need for citing down the references. Good research always amounts to a good essay, and your inability to find the correct references can hugely cost you like many other students. Although you will always have limited time to complete your papers, always ensure that you use part of it to conduct research and find the best content that can wonderfully backup and support all the ideas that you present in your work.

Difficulty in writing the correct thesis statement

Most students have difficulties in writing the correct thesis statement. The quality of an essay is dependent on how well-structured a thesis statement is written. Although most scholars have confidence in writing the thesis statement, lack of language proficiency will make it difficult for one to submit a quality essay. Using the wrong punctuations, phrases, and words as well as misleading language will result in a poorly written thesis statement. At times, students are tempted into using jargons and complicated words in the hope that their thesis statement will be impressive. Students should make maximum use of the thesis statement generator, which is a tool that aids students to come up with well-written thesis statements. Students should understand the importance of having a well-written thesis statement in their essays. Although it is difficult to summarize all the ideas that you are going to present using a single statement, it is very important that you learn how to use this great part of your paper.


Every student is aware of the dangers of getting caught up with cases of plagiarism. Individuals who are caught committing acts of academic dishonesty are usually subjected to harsh punishments. At times, even after doing the correct citation and paraphrasing your work well, you may end up with cases of plagiarism. It is important to note that even with a clear knowledge of the dangers of plagiarism; at times, an individual may submit their assignment with cases of plagiarism without their knowledge. In essence, plagiarism is one of the challenges that students have to deal with when writing their essays.

Inability to write a clear analysis

This happens to be a very common challenge that students face when writing their essays. Apart from weak paper structures, most writers are not able to understand the art of expressing ideas in their paper in a good way. They usually have many problems as they are not able to offer a solid analysis which makes the entire text unclear to their audience. When you are not able to analyse the given object or subject properly, you compromise the quality and consistency of your written text which makes your overall essay poor. For example, when you write a paper, and you need to explain the results to your reader, you ought to follow a stepwise instruction writing format. When you fail to do this, you end up confusing your reader, and your analysis will also be very weak.

Writing a quality essay is not a walk in the park. An individual will have to devote enough time and resources into acquiring the skills that will assist them in developing quality content. Students encounter diverse challenges when writing essays. Some of these common challenges include; plagiarism, difficulties in writing the thesis statement, lack of relevance references, poor reading habits, lack of time management skills, and poor organization of thoughts. Despite the challenges of coming up with a high-quality essay, students should always strive to improve their writing skills.

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