Celebrate Winter Holidays with your Dog in the Lake District

Do you want to spend Christmas with your dog somewhere other than at home? Look no further than the Lake District. You can bring your furry friend when you choose to celebrate New Year’s and spend the night at a hotel after partying. Keep reading about the reasons why this area is so special and truly loved by all guests and visitors in the following guide. 

Why the Lake District

The Lakes have always been a popular holiday destination. With breathtaking views, fresh air, and luxurious accommodations, the Lake District is the ideal place to celebrate winter holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s. Whether you wish to go alone with your fluffy companion or you’re thinking of bringing company, you’ll find the best activities to do both solo and with other people. Your dog or dogs will enjoy running around and roaming freely in nature and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the gorgeous scenery the Lakes have to offer. 

What to do in winter in the Lake District

There are many hotels that offer various deals for the holiday season. You can simply go for a festive dinner or you could spend a few nights celebrating. If you want to spend less money on having fun, as the holiday season is all about the right company and being grateful for what you already have in your life, you should book a table at one of the several lovely restaurants the chic hotels in the Lakes provide. You’ll definitely enjoy having everything you want at your disposal, from delicious food to a magical atmosphere. 

In case you want to party and have fun for more than just a few hours, you should make a booking for a 3 night stay either over Christmas or New Year’s. Plenty of hotels in the area accommodate their guests between the 24th and 27th of December for a Christmas celebration and between the 30th of December and the 2nd of January for New Year’s. The best part about spending the festive holidays surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and lakes while enjoying exquisite yet cozy accommodation is the fact that you can take your dog with you! 

You wouldn’t want to party without your best friend and you most certainly wouldn’t want your dog to miss out on all the unforgettable moments the Lake District can offer. You should try and book your dinner or stay at one of these hotels early, though. This area is constantly in high-demand, especially when it comes to holidays. Make this popular destination your very own winter wonderland and temporary home. 

You’ll leave with amazing memories and feelings of joy and contentment. You deserve a break from your busy life, so don’t hold back!

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