Cebu: 5 Best Places To Visit In The Area

Cebu City is often what is meant when you hear about this place in the Philippines, but it’s a lot more than the principal city in this area, Cebu is an entire vast province that consists of the main island and 167 surrounding islands spread over 4,933 km². So what are the main places to visit when vacationing in this lovely area? We’ve looked at the Philippines before but here is a take on this specific region and some hidden gems you’ll love to hear about.

Mainit Hot Spring In Malabuyoc

Cebu, which is one of the World’s Trending Destinations in TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travellers’ Choice Awards, has plenty to offer for visitors and real estate investors alike. For one, these springs are a hugely impressive natural wonder.The place is very accessible, with bus routes stopping at the entrance to the area. It’s also not expensive to enter, there is an entry fee of 20 Philippine Pesos, but this only equates to about 38 cents in US currency. The springs are basically naturally occurring hot-tubs and are sign-posted according to the temperature of the water in each pool in degrees centigrade. One of the guides there told us that the temperatures can be accurately labeled and that they only deviate by tiny amounts.

Swim With Turtles Moalboal

These turtles are truly outstanding, every day you can see at least a few of them if you go to any of the main swimming or snorkeling spots in the Moalboal area. This area is known for its marine life and it’s renowned for the sardine run as well. If you are a diver you can get the unique experience of swimming among thousands of sardines, something I haven’t experienced like before.

Cebu City

It’s the main city of the province and a great place to base yourself from. If you are looking at traveling around and taking in the entire area it’s the perfect launchpad. It has a fantastic combination of hotels, places to go out and you can find some pretty tasty restaurant deals in Cebu and at a great price too, it’s not an expensive city at all, you can eat out for less than $5 per person in a decent restaurant.

Cebu Monument

 Located in Mandaue City this wonderful post-modern monument cleverly tells the history of the region in a series of depictions taking in all of the region’s monuments and locations such as Basilica del Santo Nino and the Magellan’s Cross and the history going back centuries. It is a reasonable price of entry at 100 Pesos which converts to around $2 US, so a bargain if ever there was one.

Swimming With Whale Sharks: Oslob

This is such a great experience as it has a fascinating story attached to it. These whale sharks have been effectively domesticated as the local fisherman have been feeding them for generations and so they are in a unique situation. You can get a guided swim for 1000 Philippine Pesos, just under $20 US which is the tourist price (locals go half price) but that’s an absolute bargain for such an unforgettable experience.

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