CBD is the New Cool

For years, cannabidiol (CBD) products are taking over the internet and shops in real life. But what is the reason for that ? We try to answer this question with the team of MyBud Shop, a french brand and an online european retailer specialized in CBD products.

First thing first, let’s try to see through the CBD offers wich is wide today. Dried flowers, resins, cosmetics, crystals, oils, you can consume cannabidiol through various ways. “Today, CBD flowers are sought after by consumers” explains Morgan, Mybud Shop Founder. “We are regularly traveling through Europe to visit our producers and select our products, mainly the resins and the dried flowers. It helps us to maintain a very high quality”.

Dried Flower, a luxury product

“People who are looking for quality flowers come to our online shop.” ensure Mybud team. UK Cheese, Orange Bud or Tropical Haze, our clients find plenty of variety on our website. Some flowers are known for their power : Cannatonic, or Super Silver haze. While other are renowned for their cheap price and well balanced effects, the Tropical Haze or the Fruit Cake.

Mybud Shop does not only assure a very high quality standard. They are looking for new products every days. “We were one of the first of the french market to propose the Asteroid 85,6%. Our customer based is very sensitive to this kind of products”. Asteroid is not the only improved flowers that you can find on Mybud website. Moonrock 50% CBD and 70% CBD are considered of the same family.

How to consume CBD

The absorption of CBD can be done through different ways, but mainly depends of the products you will decide to use and the effects you are looking for. Some people wants to find a range of soothing effects while other are searching for antalgic properties.

“The easiest way to consume CBD is by using oil. Land a few drops of oil (the amount depends of its concentration) and just wait for the effects. But customers can decide to use it in the kitchen, as a dressing for example.” explains Muybud team’s.

When using flowers, infusion is the most common way to consume CBD. Boil some water, add few grinded flowers, and a fat corpse, a knob of butter, a drop of coconut oil or whatever you please into your beverage (CBD is liposoluble, it dissolves in fat). One other smart way to consume flowers or resins is the phyto inhalation. You will need a vaporizer to do so. But it is considered as one of the best technique to extract CBD. The vegetals or the resins are heated up to 180 °C and the active compound of the plant will be extracted without any combustion. Phyto inhalation is the best way to maximise the extraction of CBD from the product you are consuming.

Cosmetics made with hemp oil and sometimes with adjunction of CBD can be found. The absorption of cannabinoid and vitamins will be done through the skins and will be a little bit longer than when consuming infusion or oil.

The effects the consumer can expect will also be different considering the method of ingestion. While drinking an infusion, digestion is a part of the process and takes some times before you will feel the effects you are looking for. On the other hand, the phyto inhalation will be almost instantaneous. Time to make up you mind !

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