Catherine Lowe: Rare Combination of Beauty and Brain

Are you looking for someone with a rare combination of beauty and brain? Catherine Ligaya Lowe is a perfect example of the same in this modern world. Occupied in different career paths, Catherine is also very keenly handling her family life after getting married to Sean Lowe.

Let’s turn out pages to go through her interesting life.

Catherine Lowe: Early Life

Catherine Ligaya Meija Guidici, popular by the name Catherine, was born on April, 1986, to Carey and Cynthia Guidici in Seattle, Washington, USA. Her father comes with a Swiss-Italian culture, of Scottish descent, while her mother is Filipino. She completed her graduation from Roosevelt High School in the year 2004, after which she headed towards Washington State University in the year 2008 to complete her B.A. in the field of Advertising. She had a dream to pursue acting as her career during her childhood. However, after graduation, she started working in the field of advertising and took it as her profession. Later, she also worked for the girls in Seattle’s Wexley School.

Catherine Lowe: Hidden Talent

Yes, it is known to everyone that Catherine is a graphic designer, but very few know about her other hidden talents. Catherine loves to write, which can be proven through her column Meatless Mondays which is available on As a writer, every week she provides the names of various places in Seattle that serve with delicious and vegan meals.

Wait, there is still a surprise. Yes, Catherine is an athletic too. She maintains her fitness levels with keen interest. According to a post on Instagram, Catherine completed around 9.3 miles through the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K marathon, in merely 1 hour, 36 minutes and 16 seconds of the time period. Her Instagram also included a picture of her with her friend mentioning the experience.

Catherine Lowe: The Bachelor

Catherine started her career as a graphic designer with Amazon, but soon she was cast in the live game show The Bachelor Season 21 in 2013 that was telecasted on ABC, which gave a blossom to her career. She proved to be a strong contestant on the show, who finally grabbed the winning crown. She gained not only fame, but also thousands of followers and fans from every corner of the world.

Catherine Lowe: Television Appearances

After becoming popular through The Bachelor Season 21, Catherine Lowe Loves Wallpics Mixtiles Stickable Photo Tiles For Walls, and became a trendy television personality. She gave a guest appearance on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Sean, her fiancé, before they decided the wedding date. In the show, they also went through a polygraph test by Kimmel who didn’t believe they haven’t hooked up yet before marriage. The lie detector nevertheless proved that the couple was right and what Kimmel was thinking was wrong. After that, both Catherine and Sean appeared in the reality show Marriage Boot Camp, in which they had to work on their own marital issues. Finally, they also made a guest appearance on another reality show, Billion Dollar Buyer Season 3, in which they won with the help of biding as they sold products in the stationery field.

Catherine Lowe: Marriage and Family Life

The reality show also gave her the love of her life, Sean Lowe, who proposed her on the same show. The couple started dating on the show and that was the beginning of their affair, which ended up in 2014 when they finally declared their marriage.

Catherine and Sean made another important news to their fans on 8th of December 2015, when they both were ready to welcome their new family member. They both also shared their experience and excitement of becoming parents on their social accounts as they grew responsible for the first baby. On 2nd July 2016, Catherine gave birth to a baby boy, Samuel Thomas.

5 Interesting Facts about Catherine Lowe’s Life

1. Catherine and her dad have a complicated history.

While she was on the show The Bachelor, she revealed her complicated history with her father to Sean. She told him how her father Carey went for committing suicide while she was watching in her teenage. She was on the spot taken away with the sight. However, the recent updates reveal that he is well and is living in Taiwan. He also gave marriage approval to Sean.

2. Catherine became Vegan after her visit to Kenya.

Catherine declared in The Bachelor that she was a vegan. However, the reason behind it was the trip to Kenya. On her trip, she has an abundant amount of exotic and medium exotic meat that when she returned back to the United States, she craved for every piece of meat, anything without a face. Hence, she then decided to remain a strict vegan thereafter.

3. Catherine was baptized because of Sean.

Catherine believed in Christianity to a great extent, but she took things for indentation to make her family believe that she is into religion for long. It was Sean’s father, Jay Lowe, who took out Catherine from all these, baptize her, and officially went to the wedding of Catherine and Sean.

  4. Catherine believes in charity.

Yes, very few know about this social side of Catherine. Both Catherine and Sean are planning to bank their wedding and televise it so that they can use the money gathered from their fans as a donation to the Micaela’s Army Foundation. This foundation works for the children suffering from cancer and uses the money of the fund in their treatment and basic needs.

5. Catherine loves to remain close to her friends.

No doubt, Catherine has bid a goodbye to Seattle after the wedding and shifted to Dallas, she still remains in touch with her besties in Washington. She proves to be a best friend one can have, as she remains in touch with them. She is still in contact with her co-participants from The Bachelor.

Catherine Lowe is currently enjoying her life in Dallas with her small family, and the couple is ready to welcome another child in 2017. She still remains in touch with her social accounts to which remain flooded with new posts and images from her life.

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