Can You Use a Lash Serum with Eyelash Extensions?

There are hundreds of lash serums on the market today. However, when wearing eyelash extensions, some people are hesitant to utilize lash serum. Eyelash extensions and the lash serum are two of the beauty items that increase the appearance of your lashes in the same way. But can you utilize both of them at the same time?

“Can eyelash extensions be used with a lash serum?”

As a lash artist, I am regularly asked this question. Best Eyelash serum are compatible with eyelash extensions. Wearers of eyelash extensions should apply the lash serum-like liquid eyeliner along the root of the lash line. You should avoid mascara applicators because they coat the entire lash and cause volume extensions to clump.

Before you go out and buy a lash serum, take a moment to learn about the types of serums that are safe for extensions, what to look for, how to apply it, how to choose the appropriate applicator, how to make it work on your lashes and the best lash serums on the market.

When it comes to eyelash extensions, why use a lash serum?

According to dermatologists, most of our eyelashes shrink and deteriorate as we age.

Conditioning them with coconut oil or natural oil is usually recommended. When it comes to lash extensions, however, coconut oil, or any oil for that matter, is a no-no because they can use them to remove lash extensions at home! Because eyelash extensions are put straight to your natural lashes, you must have natural lashes, to begin with!

Lash serums are peptide-rich formulations that help to promote lash growth.

They work on strengthening the ability of natural hair follicles to create stronger and thicker lashes by improving their health. Applying lash serum regularly prolongs the telogen phase of growth, lengthening your lash growth cycle.

The more flexible your lash extensions are, the healthier and stronger your natural lashes will be. You can even experiment with long eyelash extensions or other styles when you have rich natural lashes.

Another benefit of stronger natural lashes is that lash extensions will stay longer.

Because eyelash extensions are applied one by one to your natural lashes, they will progressively fall out as your natural lashes shed. However, if you can use a lash serum to increase the development cycle of your natural lashes, you’ve effectively gained extra time between lash extension refills! Maintaining your extensions for longer periods will give you a fuller appearance while saving you money. Read more for best vaporizers.

Use a lash serum with no oil.

To attain their desired results, certain eyelash serums rely significantly on oils. Three of the most frequent oils used to manufacture eyelash serums are castor oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. Oil turns out to be a notorious solvent for the adhesive used in eyelash extension applications. Before purchasing a lash serum, make sure to read the ingredient list and avoid any that include oils.

Read this post to know the best lash extension glue that is out on the market.

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