Buying Guttering, Useful Tips You Should Know

Here at EasyMerchant, we appreciate that you don’t buy guttering every day. Whilst it’s an everyday occurrence for us unless you are a builder or plumber you may only ever buy this kind of product a few times in your whole life.

When you do buy, it is important to have as much information as possible to make sure you are making the right decisions and getting the order right the first time.

First, you need to decide if you want PVC or metal gutters. PVC is the most popular because it’s not only easy to fit, but it’s also almost maintenance-free and can work out cheaper than metal alternatives. When your budget allows though, take a look at the metal options. When you are working on a period property, or even a modern house with a period style, cast iron or steel gutters may look great and give you lots of options.

When you choose PVC, you basically have four styles from which to choose:

Half Round
Deep Flow (similar to Half Round but deeper)
Ogee (moulded with decorative feature lines).

When you have a roof that is standard in size and not very steep or large Half Round or Square should work fine. When the roof pitches steeper than normal or the house is larger than the average you may consider choosing Deep Flow or Ogee. These offer larger flow capacities so they can cope with a larger amount of rainwater.

When you live in a house that is either semi-detached or terraced, the gutter is likely to join with your neighbour’s gutter. While this doesn’t automatically restrict your choice, you can’t ignore it. The majority of gutter systems offer adaptors that can join onto other system types, but finding out the shape and make of next door’s gutters is key.

Check the fittings because there’s often a name, a manufacturer’s code or even a logo to help with identification.

Most PVC gutters are available in Black, White or Brown, though a lot are made in Grey.  When choosing colour and style it’s worth thinking about how your house looks from the kerb. You may feel that it lends itself to one colour rather than the others.

When the doors, windows, and fascias are mahogany coloured, then brown gutters will probably suit the house better than say white. Of course, Cast Iron effect gutters would look great on any period or older properties. This type of guttering comes with a satin-textured finish and the fittings are moulded to look like Victorian gutters.

When it comes to rainwater pipes, the choice is easy; either circular or square. Half Round and Deep Flow gutters look good with a circular pipe, Square and Ogee suit either square or circular. Circular pipes are a bit easier to work with, especially when bends and swan necks are involved.

Another thing that’s important to consider when you buy gutters online at EasyMerchant is the length of guarantee that comes with the system. A 10-year guarantee and a British Standard are what you should be looking for. If the system doesn’t offer a guarantee, then it’s probably wise not to buy it, unless of course you are prepared to replace it in a few years’ time when the seals are leaking and the colour has faded!

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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