Budapest or Vienna? Which City is Best For You?

Choosing a final destination on your trip to Europe is difficult enough, so if you have managed to narrow it down to two cities, good for you! Now at the finish line – Budapest and Vienna. A hard choice to make, but possible! Let’s see which city is best for you.

Both cities have an impressive history and stunning locations for you to visit, so let’s dig a bit deeper into the details and really compare the two.


    • Budapest

Budapest can appear a little less tamed compared to Vienna. Its architecture is more unusual and various, unique with a lingering touch of the Ottoman Empire. However, people here are friendly and laid-back. It is a guarantee that you will have a lot of fun, once you get there. The locals are welcoming and accept tourists with open hands. One night out, and it will become apparent!

    • Vienna

However, the capital city of Austria is way more classy and carries more of a self-contained vibe. The city is a delightful mix of the Imperial past and post-war history, making it extremely interesting for tourists. People are just as friendly, though a little more reserved, and tend to keep to themselves. So choosing Vienna will guarantee a bit more serene time.


Deciding what interests you in a city could be a key point in deciding. So let’s look at what is most attractive in Budapest and Vienna.

    • Budapest

At the top of the list of the most popular tourist attractions in Budapest are the most important buildings in the city. Firstly, we have the Parliament, a giant on the shore of the Danube River. You can admire Gothic Revival-style architecture or pick a guided tour to explore hundreds of parliamentary offices.

Next up, the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings – Buda Castle. Learn about the history of Hungary and appreciate the views of the city from the top.

Another interesting establishment is the House of Terror. This is a museum that holds exhibitions about the successive Fascist and Communist regimes that ruled over Hungary in the 20th century!

    • Vienna

 Probably the most important monument of Austria is the Hofburg. The most historically significant palace in the country, the seat of the Habsburgs for more than six centuries, Hofburg has been the official residence for every Austrian ruler since 1275. Take a tour through the 18 groups of buildings to learn about the country’s monarchs.

Another important establishment in Vienna is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Its architecture mirrors the events in Austria’s history in a way that every significant detail is a link to the things that happened in the city.

Vienna Zoo is the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world. With an impressive number of over 750 different species, Vienna Zoo attracts thousands of people every year.

If you decide to visit both of these cities, hop on to the train from Budapest to Vienna.


As two gems of Central Europe, you might expect Budapest and Vienna to be expensive, but, actually, a trip to either is very affordable, and their prices are accurate.

    • Budapest

Accommodations: a room in an average hotel will cost you approximately €55 per night.

Food: dining experience can vary from €15 to €40 per day.

Transportation: a 72-hour travel card will cost you about €12.

Sightseeing: the tickets do not tend to cost over €15.

    • Vienna

Accommodations: a room in an average hotel is approximately €100 per night.

Food: a typical meal at an average restaurant is usually €15 and up.

Transportation: a 24-hour travel card will cost you about €8.

Sightseeing: prices are up to €25.

We hope to have helped you with this decision, and indeed, by now, you already have a favorite! Obviously, both cities are amazing, and you will not be disappointed in choosing either. Have the best time on your Eurotrip!

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