Brilliant Holiday Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

You know him. That man who seems to have everything and is, therefore, impossible to shop for. No matter how early you start holiday shopping, he’s likely to end up being the toughest person to mark of your list.

Fortunately, there are some creative gift options that are sure to please even the most difficult man on your shopping list.

  1. Manly Getaways

You don’t want to send him away but, sometimes, men want a chance to spend time away from family, friends, and work. A remote setting, filled with fun challenges like the Kung Fu Retreat in Thailand is ideal for giving him a chance to see an exotic location, prove his physical prowess, and develop new skills. Time spent bonding with other men can help rejuvenate him to better face his day-to-day life. This type of trip can be a welcome relief for men who normally spend their time traveling either for work or with their families.

  1. Temporary Toys

Has he always talked about buying a boat, sportscar, or motorcycle? Satisfy he’s desire for exciting toys buy arranging a temporary rental. It can be as simple as renting him a high-end car for the week. If he’s always wanted to captain his own boat, you can arrange for a yacht rental for a week or more. If he isn’t able to captain the boat on his own, no problem. You can rent a yacht with a crew to give him the boating experience, while he learns more maritime skills.

For a more exotic gift, rent him the toy of his dream in a dream location. Rent a yacht in the Caribbean, arrange for him to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle in paradise, or drive a classic sports car along winding roads in Europe. He’ll be able to check one more thing off his bucket list and you’ll look like a Rockstar for getting him a gift he’ll remember forever.

  1. Bucket List Skills

Men generally love being able to claim mastery of important skills. If the man in your life spends much of his time in offices and meeting, give him the gift of new skills and adventure. Sign him up for flying lessons at your local airport so that he can feel the thrill of speed and excitement while he learns.

If he’s more at home in the water, scuba lessons could be more his speed. You could sign him up for classes nearby or sign him up for a tropical vacation that includes scuba trading. Then he’ll immediately be able to put his new skills and certification to work. Other fun training options include rock climbing classes and motorcycle training.

If none of these new skills seem right for him, give him advanced training for his existing hobbies. Many locations offer fun opportunities to practice racing cars on a track or learning aggressive defensive driving techniques. Learning (or practicing) at a gun or archery range can be another way for him to have a great time and mentally recreate scenes from is favourite action movies.

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