Bouillabaise in France! It’s an event!

Unbelievable deliciousness! Veronica accidentally (?) eats an eyeball (?)!

While the city of Marseille traditionally lays claim to being the birthplace of bouillabaisse, the fact is that fishermen all along this rocky coast invented the soup as a way to use the boney fish and leftovers that wouldn’t sell. They cooked them in seawater seasoned with garlic and fennel. After a while, some restaurants in Marseille ran with the recipe, adding saffron, orange peel, basil and bay leaf to the seasoning and often using a better class of fish.

We weren’t really up for fighting our way through the traffic of France’s second largest city to sample the soup at one of the several establishments in Marseille that claim to be the site of the original bouillabaisse, so we ventured down to the coast in the little hamlet of Six-Fours-les-Plages, and found the restaurant Au Royaume de la Bouillabaisse.

For more about the restaurant, the region and bouillabaisse:

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6 thoughts on “Bouillabaise in France! It’s an event!”

  1. a feast fit for kings!!! guys i would recommend eating the eye balls and especialy the cheeks of fish I promise those are not in there on accident!! looks like a fun whirl wind vaca!!!thanks for sharing* elrabbit

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