Big Game Hunting

Summer’s coming to an end but instead of lamenting, let’s look at the bright side. Fall is arguably the best season for doing a  little GypsyNesting right in your own backyard.

The cool crisp weather is perfect for hiking and biking along nearby trails and the colors are spectacular.  State and County Fairs are going on all across the country and, as we learned in Hillsdale, can be a smashing good time.

For us sports fans, it’s football season. If there is a pro team nearby, the
speed, the size and the spectacle of the NFL are pretty awesome, but so are the prices. Personally, I prefer leaving a sporting event with both of my arms and legs.

The local college squad can provide some topnotch talent for about half the price, unless the nearest institution of higher education is one of those football programs that has basically become professional. For sheer bang-for-your-buck it’s hard to beat good old high school football.

There’s always a high school nearby and it doesn’t need to be your Alma Mater, in fact, I think it’s better if it’s not. No reliving the old glory days, I’m just an impartial observer.

We were lucky enough to hit a homecoming game against an arch rival on a recent visit and, I can tell you, it’s tough to beat. The big game on the field. The students, in their glitter and face paint, rootin’ for the home team. And, of course, all the goofy pageantry that makes homecoming such a special event.

As the teams battled mightily on the field, we discovered the Future Farmers of America concession stand. What bargains and the money goes to a good cause.

Plus, who doesn’t want a pickle
for just a buck at the big game?

As the second quarter ended, the hometown favorites took a 14 – 10 lead into the locker room.

The half-time show began as the Homecoming King, Queen and their Court of runners-up were chauffeured around the field in open-topped Jeeps provided by the local car lot.

The three car parade came to a halt in front of the home stands to accept the wild applause and
adoration of the student body that elected them. Just seeing teenagers actually smiling was worth the three bucks we paid to get in.

The cheerleaders did a short dance to “Hey Baby” before three of them raced off to play in the marching band. As the band took the field we noticed that in addition to the  cheerleaders, another kid was not wearing the beautiful polyester quasi-military band uniform.

On closer inspection, he was wearing football pants and Under Armour. Yup, one of the players had shucked his helmet, jersey and pads, scrambled out of the locker room, donned a band hat and grabbed a trombone just in time to do some serious jamming on a Blood Sweat & Tears medley.

Talk about double duty! Just a side note… aren’t these the same songs that we played back in school band?

The epic battle continued with much back and forth and plenty of abuse heaped upon the refs. Unfortunately the home town boys gave up the lead
and lost the big game on a late touchdown by their hated rivals.

They’ll have to wait until next year, but we don’t.

See you next Friday night!


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