Best Places to Visit on a West Coast Adventure Holiday

From its stunning tip in Alaska to the bottom of California, the West Coast of the US has some sparkling jewels that should not be missed on any trip. For a snapshot of the cowboy lifestyle, a slower pace, and cities with immense attitude, the West is the best. Whether you decide to drive around or participate in an organised West Coast Tour, here’s a list of what not to miss in the Wild West!

The Pacific Crest Trail

The mother of all trails, this is an epic journey that takes months to complete, and within its boundaries covers most of the Pacific side of the US. With its canyons and waterways, food stations and many media representations, this is one of America’s most famous trails. Taking months to complete, this is real life-changing trekking.

The Grand Canyon

It would almost be rude to go to the Wild West and omit this jewel of America. So vast and otherworldly, it is like walking onto a film set, largely because so many films have been made there! Its sheer scale is phenomenal and always leaves visitors breathless.

Yellowstone National Park

With its diverse landscape of geysers, forest and lakes, Yellowstone is 3500 square miles of abundant flora and fauna, that is an adventure in itself.

Home to wolves, bears, elk and bison, you can get some serious nature watching under your belt with a trip to Yellowstone. Hike in lush forests by day and then soak your muscles in hot springs as the evening comes.

Viva Las Vegas

For the bright lights and gambling often associated with Vegas, a walk down the strip at night is exhilarating enough to get the adrenaline pumping!

Everything about Vegas feels three dimensional, as neon signs beckon you to various casinos, bars and eateries. Its proximity to the desert gives some incredible views, as you enjoy the buzzing city.

Death Valley

So named, in part because it is one of the hottest places on earth, Death Valley National Park is a harsh desert landscape that is completely different to the lushness of Yellowstone. Lying flatter than any other North America National Park, it is amazing to see the different species which have adapted to survive in the conditions. Recently, it was also designated dark sky park status, and is a popular spot for meteor showers.

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