Best Places To Travel To In The USA

The United States of America has a rich history, diverse geography, and different climates. These features, along with a strong economy and splendid safety for tourists, make it a popular tourist country.

From picturesque coastlines to grand mountain ranges and historic buildings to shopping destinations, the USA has something to offer to almost everyone. If you want to visit the United States, here are some popular vacation spots you must consider.

1. Times Square

No list of popular tourist destinations in the USA can be complete without mentioning NYC’s iconic Times Square. As a popular entertainment hub and commercial intersection, Times Square is known for its bustling crowds, mighty skyscrapers, and evergreen neon lights. This midtown Manhattan neighborhood might be the epitome of an urban vacation location.

You can do several things in Times Square, but none top going to the iconic Broadway and enjoying some of the finest theatre known to humanity. Times Square is a popular New Year’s Eve celebration destination when the iconic Times Square ball drops down a flagpole to signal the start of a new year. So, if you are free the last week of December, get your tickets for New York!

2. Great Smoky Mountains

Don’t let Times Square and Broadway fool you: America offers more than just commercial entertainment. The breathtaking Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina make for the perfect camping retreat.

With Tennessee’s iconic Little Pigeon River flowing inside this national park, these Appalachian Mountains boast significant freshwater and terrestrial animal and plant diversity. Find some quality Tennessee camping cabins near the Little Pigeon River and enjoy a relaxing nature retreat away from the stress of modern life.

3. Hawaii

If the high altitudes of the Appalachian Mountains aren’t for you, you can explore the USA’s sandy coastal beaches in Hawaii. The Aloha state is a popular vacation destination for tourists from the US and internationally. Hawaii boasts a tropical climate, mighty volcanoes, sunshine, surfing opportunities, and picturesque beaches.

If you visit Hawaii, do attend their Luaus! You’ll find several Hawaiian and Polynesian Luaus on the island: get yourself a lei and a muumuu dress, and get ready for the festivity! You can expect to hula dance and see fire spinning, and don’t forget to eat the traditional dishes of poke, lomilomi salmon, and poi.

4. The Grand Canyon

If you want to see millions of years of geological history, book your tickets for Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon! With the Colorado River weaving through the national park, the Grand Canyon is truly one of the most impressive natural wonders of the world. The park is home to 11 ancestral tribes of Native Americans, so expect to see significant First Nation history and culture.

The Grand Canyon has four rims, and the South Rim in Arizona is the most popular destination, providing you with ranger talks, concessionaires, and shuttles. But to experience more Native American history, you should go to the West Rim in Nevada, run by the Hualapai Tribe. The North Rim is relatively remote and is preferred by the hikers, while the East Rim is located alongside the Colorado River.

6. Mount Rushmore

The faces of the four most iconic presidents carved in the granite face of Mount Rushmore gaze upon you as you enter Keystone, South Dakota. The iconic tribute to America’s presidents is often called the Shrine of Democracy and is visited by millions of tourists yearly due to the landmark’s historic importance and sculptural magnificence.

But Mount Rushmore offers more than just gazing upon the presidents and snapping a selfie. You can explore the Presidential trail, a 0.6-mile-long hiking trail allowing a closer look at the sculpture. When you come back, you can stop by Carver’s Marketplace and have Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream: the third president of the United States is the first man in the USA who is recorded to have written an ice cream recipe!

6. Yellowstone National Park

Did you know that the first national park in the world is located in the USA? Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming isn’t just the world’s first national park but probably the most breathtaking one.

Known for its diverse wildlife and interesting geothermal features, Yellowstone is a popular tourist destination. When you come to Yellowstone, check out the Old Faithful geyser, the first geyser in the world to be named. Also, check out the Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone’s most widely recognized symbol! It is the largest hot water spring in the USA, and its multi-colored, vivid scenery will surely mesmerize you! Morning Glory Pool is another colorful geyser with a distinct yellow edge. However, it is losing its colors due to tourists trashing it.

7. Las Vegas

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas for a reason: the casino capital of the USA is where you can be as wild as you want. Tourists often head to Vegas for its nightlife, gambling, shopping, and fine dining experiences. Vegas is also a popular destination for bachelor parties.

Start your tour by taking a picture at the iconic ‘Welcome to Last Vegas’ sign on Soutgas Boulevard, then explore the restaurants located along the Las Vegas Strip. If the bustling city life exhausts you, you can retreat into nature at the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.

8. Disneyland

If they polled the nation’s kids, Disneyland in Orlando would be rated the best tourist destination in America. The theme park is a dream destination for kids, so if you have kids, Disneyland can be a fun family vacation!

While kids will have the time of their lives at Disneyland, there are plenty of things for adults to enjoy. Ride the Space Mountain roller coaster, which goes at 30 miles per hour and has an incredible 26 feet drop! You can also try the Star Tours motion simulator ride to visit faraway planets.


The USA is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking sites. With thousands of years of Native American culture and hundreds of years of modern America, the nation has a rich history and is blessed with some of the most picturesque places in the world. If you are planning a trip to the US, you have so many options that it can be frustrating to pick just one. If you’re stuck in this dilemma, just visit one of the places from this list!

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