Best Gifts To Get (or Give) For Your Wedding Anniversary

People love to celebrate. Anniversaries are no different. Celebrating an important milestone like a wedding or relationship anniversary gives you an opportunity to share your love and reconnect in new ways. Picking an anniversary gift can sometimes feel a bit cliché. While some of you might follow the traditional diamond, paper, etc. when looking for a gift, the truth is, the best gifts are the ones that people will love. I love to travel, so any gift that gives me a chance to do that is well worth it. Some of you enjoy the fancier things in life like moissanite jewelry. The key here is to get or give a gift that you’ll love. Experience gifts are great too because it’s something that’ll always be with you.

Event Tickets

If you’re a concert-lover or you enjoy Broadway musicals, you’ll love event tickets. As a bonus, why not get tickets and a trip? You could spend a weekend in New York City or go to an Opera at the Sydney Opera House. Sporting events also make the perfect anniversary gift. Whether you’re giving them or asking for them, why not make it that much more special. I know couples who got to experience a lifelong dream for their anniversary with tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. It was a powerful event for them both. Not only was it a trip to see a beloved city. It exceeded their dreams with the production quality.

A Trip Somewhere New

It’s no secret that I love to travel. We’ve been so many places, it’s hard to imagine exactly where I would ask to go. But a wedding or other relationship anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate with a new adventure. I love that people can experience new things together. That’s what makes a wedding or anniversary trip so special. Whether you’re celebrating one year together, 25 years, or it’s 50+, make sure you find a new way to make the day count.

A Trip Somewhere Old

Maybe you have a favorite destination. Perhaps there was a specific spot where you got engaged or married that you’d love to revisit. An anniversary trip is a great way to experience a location you love through new eyes. Go back to your honeymoon, relive the moment you said yes, or simply go back to somewhere you really enjoyed. Revisiting a previous destination gives you the opportunity to see and do things you might’ve missed the first time around and so much more.

Upgraded Wedding Jewelry

Sometimes, budgetary concerns mean that the jewelry you got when you got married was pretty basic. While your spouse may have desired to give you something more beautiful. After several years of marriage, sometimes it’s nice to have an upgraded wedding band or larger diamond. It can also mean getting a special bracelet or designer necklaces to match your rings. For the man in your life, a nice watch is a beautiful gift option as well. If you enjoy something sparkly, or you want to give your spouse something more valuable, a wedding anniversary gift is a great time to do it. You can even travel to an exotic location to find local jewelry just as unique as your love.


You can never go wrong with flowers. But think beyond just a bouquet. Take a trip to a you-pick flower farm and create your own bouquet. Find fun flowers or ones that have a special meaning to you. Why not stroll through a botanic garden to see something fresh and unique? Many botanic gardens specialize in a particular flower, so you can see not only the regular gardens, but also the ones that they are renowned for. Experiences make for some of the best anniversary gifts.


Give (or get) the gift of adventure. This can mean hiking the tallest mountains or doing a ropes course in the jungle. It can mean a skiing excursion to the Swiss Alps or diving the coral reefs. Marriage and relationships are already an adventure, but why not give it as a gift the next time you’re celebrating a big milestone anniversary? You can stay local or go somewhere new, but take the time to go and enjoy it together.

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