Best Editing Tool for Gaming Videos

These days it has become relatively easy and convenient to shoot gameplay videos, thanks to InVideo, the game creation, and editing tool.

Now, many games allow the gamers to go back and then record highlights from the games directly. For those who are on the lookout for taking their game footage and transforming the same into gaming videos, it is essential to download a top-quality video editing tool.

The online market is jam-packed with editing tools, with the majority of them coming with claims of being free. But then they tend to watermark the videos until the users pay a certain fee.

These attractive but misleading offers need not fool users. Gamers sitting on a complete stockpile of game footage, here are some of the best editing tools for gaming videos that will not scam you in any way.

1. InVideo

The most efficient and reliable games editing tool, InVideo, is available for both Windows and macOS users. It comes with a wide assortment of features allowing the users to trim, modify, cut, and do several other things while editing their videos.

InVideo’s massive library includes thousands of stock videos and templates for the users to make effective use of. At the same time, users even get to use varieties of fonts, music, filters, and overlays to make their videos more appealing.

One of the most appealing features of this app is its easy and simple user interface allowing any individual to master the art of video editing in a few seconds. Unlike the other editors available online, InVideo offers fast rendering speed helping users extract videos in HD quality.

The premium version of this tool allows users to edit 4K game videos. Also, users can directly share their videos from this editor to varied social media channels. InVideo makes it very easy for people to make and edit excellent and professional-grade videos within just five minutes.

2. Movavi Video Editor Plus

The Movavi Video Editor Plus is one tool that you can entirely depend on when using powerful features to edit your gaming videos. Its features will help you bring your creative concepts together and share them as well without any complexities.

Even if you are not a pro at making and editing game videos, you need not go through that steep learning curve, which is necessary when using the other game editing tools. The editor comes with all the basic features and tools required for pro-level editing.

Some of its special features like ready-made intros, keyframe animation, and special effects of all kinds make it one of the most super-intuitive editing apps out there. It is also worth noting that Movavi comes with a very simple interface and basic controls making it possible for the users to create finished videos in less than 20 minutes.

With Movavi by your side, you can remain free from the technicalities you need to focus on to give a creative aspect to your work. Furthermore, the users can have great fun while making the videos.

The auto adjustment option available with this tool enhances video quality, while the stabilization feature helps with video editing and sharing. So, what more do you need? There’s everything you require for conquering the world of video editing on Movavi.

3. Cyber Link Power Director

With this game’s video editing app coming in handy, it becomes very easy for users to create and edit viral game video clips. The software is a beginner-friendly tool while possessing the quality of professional editing apps at the same time.

Its user interface is quite simple, but this must not fool you into thinking that it lags in features. Perhaps, the tool comes fully loaded with some of the most exemplary features and makes for the ideal toolkit for gaming enthusiasts.

Its powerful special effects combined with a fully accessible library of images make it the perfect editing software for games. It even boasts of an expansive library of audio and music effects along with pre-made motion graphic tiles. This helps users in placing their signatures on all the videos they edit.

Named the best enthusiast-level gaming editor from the house of PC Mag, this tool comes with the triple punch of user-friendliness, professional-quality editing, and extraordinary value.

Additionally, it even features continual improvements, added attributes, and upgrades to help editors with their creative job. Editing your gaming video with the Cyber Link Power Director means you can depend on no-freeze and fast rendering along with highly advanced motion tracking.

You can use the in-built screen recorder of the app for streamlining the recording procedure without wasting much money and time.

4. DaVinci Resolve

This non-linear games video editing software is considered the best in the market and comes loaded with different important features required for creating the best of games videos. The editor can be used for cutting, coloring, and adding more effects to videos without any hassle.

Its free version can help with advanced editing, while its RCM2 comes with better color tagging, gamut mapping, and a smooth tone. One of the most significant and useful features of DaVinci resolve is its timeline editing option that allows users to edit each video clip individually and conveniently. Users can easily edit audio, slice video, correct video color, add video titles in 2D and 3D, and add layers to get the best effects in their edited videos.

For those on the lookout for trimming their games videos like a pro, this Multicam editing option can also be used to correct the color and add audio to the content.

Final Words

If you aspire to come up with a cool and attractive gaming video, stay bent on using any of the tools mentioned above to get the best results. The exclusive features and wonderful interface of these tools will surely bring you astonishing results. They will help you in creating exciting and entertaining gaming videos within just a few minutes. So, go ahead and impress your audiences with the stunning gaming videos!

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