Avoid These 3 Expensive Home Theater Mistakes

One dream that many people have is to build an awesome home theater room. Yes, having a huge TV, those awesome surroundsound speakers, and some awesome leather recliners is definitely something that will keep you entertained for days on end. However, with that being said, you need to have the right equipment and the right setup for a home theater to be ideal for you.  

Regardless of how much money you spend to set up your stateoftheart home theater, there are some bigtime mistakes which many people make, mistakes that are expensive and will really put a damper on things. Keep in mind, for some good home theater advice, ultimatehomecentre.com is a great resource for you to take a look at. At any rate, let’s take a look at these 3 expensive home theater mistakes you need to avoid at all costs.  

1. Getting the Wrong Size Television Display

One of the biggest mistakes which people tend to make when building a home theater, a really expensive mistake, is to get an absolute monster of a display. Sure, you have the biggest TV on the block, one that lets people know that you are the boss. However, is this really the best way to go? The point here is that bigger is not always better, and something that you always need to consider here is the viewing distance between you and the TV.  

For an HD TV, the rule of thumb is that the viewing distance between you and the display should be at least 1.5 times the diagonal width of the display. If the TV is too large for the distance you are sitting from it, you will literally have to look back and forth just to see the whole picture, which is, of course, less than ideal.  

A big TV is great, but there is such a thing as too big, so keep that in mind when you are looking at those massive displays in the electronics shop.  

Now, we didn’t mention a television that is too small, but that can be a mistake too. Simply put, if the TV is too small, you probably won’t enjoy whatever you are watching, so always keep the viewing distance in mind when compared to the display size.  

2. Buying Home Theater Equipment From the Wrong Store

Another expensive mistake that many people make when creating their own home theater is to buy the equipment from the wrong store. Generally speaking, for the best home theater equipment, you want to go to an electronics and entertainment store, nowhere else.  

When it comes down to it, these stores have employees that can give you the right advice, they have great selections at affordable prices, and you can often customize your setup to get exactly what you want.  

What you do not want to do is to buy your home theater equipment from the same place you are buying your groceries to cook dinner. A store like a hypermart, something like a Walmart, will sell electronics, but because they are not dedicated to selling electronics alone, their selection, service, and overall quality of the products is going to be subpar at best. Always go to a real electronics shop when buying equipment for a home theater.  

3. Using All Your Cash for the BigTicket Items 

The other expensive mistake which a lot of people make when purchasing home theater equipment is not to allocate their money the right way. Many people go right for the biggest TV and the best surroundsound system without considering all of the other items they will need to purchase.  

Keep in mind that you are probably going to need a stand or table for everything, wiring, HDMI cords, and more. If you spend everything on the bigticket items first, you might be surprised when you don’t have enough money left over for all of those little essential accessories. It might sound odd seeing as the accessories won’t be too expensive, but all of that little stuff does add up pretty quickly.  


Yes, there are also some other expensive mistakes which people make when building their own home theaters, but the 3 we have discussed today are by far the biggest and most expensive ones.  

Remember to buy all of your home theater equipment at a dedicated electronics store, don’t buy a display that is way too big for the room, and don’t use your whole budget for the TV and then be left with nothing for the accessories. If you avoid these 3 expensive mistakes, building your own home theater should be easy and quite affordable too.  


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