Autonomous create new luggage: The Aluminum Carry-On & The Filer 2

Traveling abroad is always an exciting experience, but the entire thrill of a future trip can be a bit affected by the prospect of having to carry heavy luggage around the airport and to your hotel. Whether you are packing for a weekend getaway or a two week trip, you should be provided with optimal storage features, and the luggage you opt for matter significantly here. You want a suitcase that makes packing and unpacking, as well as carrying, as easy as it can possibly get, and knowing which designs come with most advantages in these departments can make all the difference. Autonomous has recently brought into the market two options that have drawn popularity due to the appealing features they are characterized by. The friendly design of The Aluminum Carry-On and The Filer 2 might just cover all of your check-in travel storage needs. Here are some things you should know about these cases:

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The Aluminum Carry-On

With a futuristic design approach, The Aluminum Carry-On is more than just a style-statement piece of luggage, it combines a wide variety of excellent features that you will certainly love. The product has been created with functionality and convenience in mind, and you will be able to notice that as soon as you start using it. Its specs are travel-friendly and its quality is on-point.

Main features:
Airtight and waterproof
Add-a-bag system – exterior strap
Corrosion resistant
TSA-approved locks
Dirt repellent and 360° double spinner wheels


Before looking into the features of a carry-on, its style is probably what draws your interest fir, and the design of this piece will not fail to meet your expectations, being appropriate for business travelers that want to maintain a professional image but for sophisticated tourists that value aesthetics as well. Elegance is ensured through its brushed satin finish – the ideal option for the chic traveler.


Sleekness matters, but you don’t want a carry-on that can easily break or get damaged by the slightest impact. Because it’s made out unbreakable, aviation grade aluminum-alloy, the case is impressively strong and can be easily maintained intact for a long period of time. We all know that baggage isn’t always handled with care at the airport, but you can be certain that The Aluminum Carry-On is resistant against corrosion and any type of impact. The luggage’ reinforced corners contribute to its durability – a long lifespan is one of the benefits this carry-on is known for.

Security features

You won’t have to worry about someone breaking into your luggage if you choose this model. The 2 combination latch locks make it impossible for anyone who doesn’t know the passcodes to open the case. The locks are also TSA-approved, which indicated the level of attention that has been put in its design when it comes to security.

Storage flexibility

The average carry-on doesn’t make storage organization that easy, but this is not the case with the new Autonomous  Aluminum Carry-On. You get a removable mesh partition that can be adjusted to suit your storage needs perfectly. Flexibility in this department is increased even further through the pockets incorporated – ideal for clothes or documents. The interior storage design will keep everything in its place even if the case is only half full. And let’s not forget about the exterior strap, a clever addition you can use to attach a smaller bag.

The Filer 2

Moving on to The Filer 2, another piece of luggage that gives new meaning to the word convenience. If you don’t like walking around the airport with a bulky or heavy bag, you’ll certainly fall in love with how lightweight the Filer 2 is. Its weight is optimal for frequent travels, and despite its apparently small size, you will be able to fit in all of your essentials. You can visit to see the Autonomous Luggage here, but first let’s look into the main specs of this case:

Main features:
Waterproof & lightweight
Soft rubber handles on the top and on the side
Silent 360° rotation double wheels
Thermoplastic polymer design material and reinforced corners
TSA-approved combination lock


Coming in either blue or navy shades, the case excellent in terms of aesthetics. Its elegant visual appeal will certainly catch your eye from the start, but its design focuses more on quality rather than style. You’ll get rubber handles on both the side of the case and on its top, which will prove to be quite useful in various scenarios.  You can easily carry the case around, and look great while doing it. The design becomes even more practical thanks to the 4 sets of silent, 360° rotation double wheels – the Filler 2 can roll alongside you with no effort from your part.


Unbreakable – that is how  you can describe The Filler 2 in one word. Because it’s manufactured out of a thermoplastic polymer, which is known for being used in quality helmets, getting damaged is less likely to happen. Impact is absorbed effectively through the reinforced corners – the case will look impeccably at the end of your trip.

Storage features

Don’t let its hard shell design make you believe you’ll deal with storage inconveniences. The Filer 2 comes with multiple compartments, and despite its small size, you get plenty of storage capacity. Another great feature this model brings is the eco-friendly laundry bag incorporated. You no longer need to take multiple plastic carriers with you, and because the bag is odor absorbent, your clean clothes will be kept fresh. And don’t forget about the amazing expandable depth feature, which means extra space for any unpredicted storage requirements at the end of your trip.

Whether you believe the Aluminum Carry-on is the right choice for you, or you think that The Filer 2 has a design that suits your needs better, both of these options are of optimal quality and will ensure you the convenience of your travels. Proper storage of travel essentials, easy to carry along, and a style that is pleasing to the eye, these luggage pieces have all the characteristics you are seeking. Autonomous surely delivers high class designs, durability and fun features, so none of their cases will disappoint you.

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