All in for an Alicante Escape

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We travel a lot.

Like, all of the time.

And when we aren’t, we are studying for our next adventure. So it’s not often that we hear about a place unfamiliar to us.

When it does happen we are thrilled, then we want to find a way to go there without breaking the bank.

That’s why we are so excited to hear about Alicante from the folks at Dealchecker. Their great deals on holiday packages to Spain’s dazzling Costa Blanca make discovering this seaside resort region absolutely affordable.

Without a doubt beautiful beaches are a major attraction, and we are big fans, but history and natural wonders also rate high on our list when it comes to choosing a destination and Alicante certainly checks both those boxes.

Stepping back in time is as easy as wandering the streets of the Old Town to check out the many museums, the elegant baroque Town Hall, and the Basilica of Santa Maria, or heading up for a bird’s eye view of it all from Santa Bárbara Castle.

Perched on the top of Mount Benacantil, this is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain. But fear not, the amazing observation point at the summit can be enjoyed without climbing. Though the castle was built well over a thousand years ago, there is an elevator running right through the heart of the mountain.

It was added just a few centuries later, and in case we find the ride a little too strenuous refreshments await atop the peak, plus a spectacular panorama of the entire city and coastline.

From high above we can also spot the way to go down below, as in beneath the surface to the Caves of Canelobre. They are located a few miles up the coast, and descending into these breathtaking caverns feels like entering a Gothic cathedral.

Not only because of the size and shape, but the acoustics resemble a giant church as well. So much that concerts are periodically held within the hollow limestone. Talk about underground music!

The town of Benidorm, a few minutes from the caves, is known for several theme and water parks, along with two outstanding Blue Flag beaches.

While we love hanging out where the sea meets the shore, we are even more fond of getting into, or better yet under, the water. That is definitely one of the highlights of this corner of the Mediterranean.

Just a few minutes offshore, the tiny island of Tabarca is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Spain’s first marine reserve, which was also declared a Zone of Special Protection for Birds in 1986. The protected area is widely acclaimed for fantastic diving and snorkeling.

Yet again, in the midst of all this natural beauty, a unique history unfolds on shore. This smallest inhabited islet in Spain was known as Illa de Sant Pau, or Saint Paul’s Island, up until around 1700. That is because it is believed to be where St. Paul may have landed on his travels west from Rome.

Centuries later, Barbary pirates used it as a hideout for their raids. Once they were run off, the wall that still surrounds the town was built to hold them at bay should they decided to return.

One thing we know, we would certainly try to come back again.

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