All About Crypto Portfolio

What is a Crypto Portfolio?

If you have ever invested in crypto then you will be aware that there are different crypto currencies available to purchase. You can purchase them from different providers or exchange companies. Keeping a track on all the service providers might be a difficult task, So crypto portfolios come into existence. It contains the list of aloof your holding from the different providers and can keep a track on them.

Why Do We Need To Track Crypto Portfolio?

You should always track your cryptocurrency portfolio as they are very risk prone investments. Recently we have seen the fall and rise of Bitcoin. In this phase many people lost their funds due to improper tracking.

You should also take note of your investment and how much you have currently invested in each coin. If you just have one investment then it is easy to tell how much and where your money is, but if you have several different investments, then it is much harder to follow. It is best to figure out the amount and percentage of any gains or losses as soon as possible so that you can get the most of what you are investing in. It is important to look at both the gains and losses of your portfolio when it comes to determining our taxes. You need to understand the different types of gains and losses in order to know how they will affect your taxes. There are several types of gains and losses when it comes to crypto that you will need to keep track of. The most common type of gains and losses will be realised capital gains and losses.

How To Track Crypto Portfolio?

When crypto investors first popped up on the scene, it was hard to do anything in terms of portfolio management. It was a new currency and so you were able to “invest” in it yourself. But as time has gone on, big companies and financial professionals have come into the market with their own digital currencies – because they realise that there is money to be made. Following this into account, you now have many more options for how and where to store your crypto assets. If you are looking for a tutorial on How to track crypto portfolio then you should definitely go through this article. First of all let’s have a look at what a crypto portfolio is.

So I am going to tell you about the How to track a crypto portfolio. Binocs is one of the best service providers which will give you many functionality and can be trusted. You are not even required to submit your government documents as KYC is not necessary. You can start using the platform just by signing in with your email and all you need is to connect your wallet to their website.

I hope this article would be very helpful to you and have solved your query about tracking a crypto tracker. Must share this article with your friends who show their interest in cryptocurrencies.

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