Add to your Travel Pot with these Simple Saving Solutions

For most of us, the financial struggle is real. And it’s never more apparent when you’re dreaming of a holiday and getting away from it all. There’s nothing more disheartening when your bank balance simply won’t cover your travel plans. However, budding travellers and families in search of the sun, shouldn’t give up just yet.

Believe it or not, a holiday is entirely achievable, even if you’re on a budget. Here we’ll examine some simple ways you can add to your travel pot with these simple saving solutions.

Sort out those debts

To save money, you need to free yourself from your debts. Or at least understand your circumstances, and take back control. Try Creditfix for simple, tailored debt solutions that can help you gain back control of your finances and free up money you didn’t know you even had. Sorting out your debts isn’t just recommended if you want to go on holiday, but it’ll relieve financial pressure in every area of your life.

Don’t neglect your pennies

All those little coins that are often strewn across the kitchen counter or at the bottom of your purse, shouldn’t be neglected! Keep them all safe in a jar and you could have enough to pay for your holiday insurance, a meal out when you’re travelling, or that new suitcase you desperately need.

Don’t re-join your gym

If your gym membership has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and you’re unsure of when it will re-open, why not cancel it and save even more money instead? Whether you’ve gotten used to your home-gym setup, you’ve discovered yoga in your living room or you’ve decided to take a break from training, saving the money from your gym membership can save you big bucks!

Try a staycation

With many travel restrictions still in place, you may find your dream destination is still off limits. However, a staycation in and around your home country is probably enough to quench your holiday thirst. You’ll still get the sun, the time away from work and the opportunity to make some pretty amazing memories. And – it’s much more affordable!

Analyse your spending habits

We all have bills that we pay every month, however, it’s often the little things that tend to add up and drain whatever we have left. Go through your bank account and see where your money is going. Additional supermarket trips where you’re spending $20 every time, monthly subscriptions that you’d forgotten about, clothes, shoes, or Amazon orders that you just don’t need to be purchasing right now…Analyse your spending habits and cut them down, ruthlessly.

And finally, avoid peak holiday times

Whether you’re travelling at home or abroad, be mindful of peak times which could see the price of your break bumped up by at least $1000. The summer holidays, events, bank holidays, Valentine’s Day etc. Always compare the prices of the dates you have available to find the best deal and make your holiday much more achievable.

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