A Simple Guide to What’s Inside: What Parts Form the Immune System?

How much do you know about how your body works?

The immune system is something of a hot topic right now. We need it to function correctly to ensure that we don’t get sick. It allows us to maintain good health and avoid any infections when we get scrapes or cuts.

The immune system isn’t just one ambiguous thing though. Different parts of the immune system work together as a machine to keep your body running smoothly.

If you want to learn more about how your body teams up to keep your immune system functioning, keep reading.

Parts of the Immune System: Blood Cells and Organs

The immune system isn’t just made up of a network of organs. Some of the most important work is done by the blood and other interlacing systems. The immune system handles a lot of delicate processes naturally (or with a little help from you by boosting the immune system) to keep everything in working order.

Lymphatic System

Within the immune system is another system altogether: the lymphatic system. This system is made up of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and the most crucial: white blood cells (or lymphocytes).

White blood cells are some of the most important players in the immune system response. They look for microbes invading the body that are unfamiliar and attack, launching an immune response.

These responses can look like swelling or redness on the outside but are really the white blood cells doing the work that they’re supposed to do.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow makes some people very uncomfortable, mostly from stories of painful extraction.

Bone marrow produces many important contributors to the immune system which is one of the reasons that we conduct bone marrow transplants. It makes rich red blood cells that help to oxygenate the blood and the white blood cells that the body needs to fight off infection.

The Spleen

The spleen is one of those organs that many people can’t really identify. What’s it there for anyway?

The spleen actually acts as a filter. It filters out harmful microbes and some old blood cells that aren’t doing their jobs anymore. It can also create antibodies and lymphocytes which help your immune system function properly.

The Thymus

The thymus is an organ that rests on the spine and shrinks as you approach and go through puberty.

It protects the body by producing special kinds of lymphocyte cells: T-cells. They help to protect you from deadly pathogens.

Your Immune System Protects You From Illness

How acquainted are you with the different parts of the immune system? There’s a lot going on in your body that you likely never think about when you’re going about your day, but your immune system is always hard at work keeping you from getting sick.

If you get a scrape or eat something that disagrees with you, your body is already working to protect you from harm. Isn’t that neat?

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