A List of the Brightest and Best LED Off Road Lights to Buy

The Tacoma crushes the competition with almost 60,000 sold in the first quarter of this year alone. The main reason for this is the truck’s versatility and reliability.

One widespread use for the Tacoma is to take it offroading. This makes sense with its high clearance and plethora of aftermarket features. One of the most common additions for off-roading enthusiasts are the addition of LED lights.

If you want to take your Tacoma off-road, you need the best LED off road lights. This will light the area in front of and around your truck, making your life easier and safer.

Use this guide to buy the best LED lights for your Tacoma.

LED Fog Light Replacements 

The stock Fog lights that come on Tacomas are not LED. They’re the standard halogen bulbs that will give you not so bright yellow light.

You can replace your stock fog lights with bright LED ones to increase visibility and light up the ground directly in front of your truck.

The more modern styled lights have a square shape to them. They’ll have either two or three rows of two or three LEDs. The more LEDs, the brighter your fog lights will be.

The best aftermarket fog lights will come with a bracket to mount them on your truck. If you have a pre-2011 Tacoma, the fog light space is round. Tacomas that are 2012 and later have a shape that is more squared, but not a perfect square.

The LED fog lights you buy should come with a bracket that fits into this space perfectly. This will give your truck a clean and custom look.

LED Light Bars 

To increase your visibility, consider buying an LED light bar. These bars can mount almost anywhere on your Tacoma.

Lower Grill Installation 

Light bars for Toyota Tacoma trucks come in a variety of lengths to give you a custom fit. One of the more popular options is a light bar that goes in the lower grill.

To find a quality light bar for this installment, you’ll want one that comes with brackets. This will make installation a breeze.

Roof Installation

You can purchase a longer LED light bar that mounts on the roof. The best light bars will have adjustable mounting brackets to let you fit it to the truck.

They will also have secure housing that prevents moisture from shorting the system. Look for heat conduction silicone gel and an aluminum alloy housing.

Tailgate Installation 

The third option for your light bar is on the back of the truck. The best-LED lights for this application are shorter light bars. They’ll have about five LEDs in line.

Mount this on the back of your truck by the tailgate step. This will illuminate the back of the truck to make it easier to get in and out of the bed. It’ll also illuminate the back of the truck in case you need to back up while out in the woods at night.

LED Pod Lights 

If you need more of a spotlight and less of a wide-sweeping wash of light, then LED pods are the way to go. These small square clusters of LED lights are the most versatile and offer the greatest variety.

The best pods will come with all of the brackets and mounting hardware you may need for installation anywhere on your truck.

When choosing an LED pod, you need to consider your intended use. If you’re looking for the most amount of light, you’ll want ones that offer broad sweeping light. If you’re looking for more focused light, then the best pods are those that create a focused beam of light.

LED Headlights 

The most obvious LED lights for your Tacoma are to replace the stock bulbs with LED ones. They’ll benefit you both off-roading and with daily driving.

Look for LEDs that have a long lifespan. This will help you get the most use out of them before having to replace them.

You can expect to get about 50,000 hours of use out of premium LED bulbs. That’s about six years of use.

Another factor to consider is the illumination. The better the bulb, the higher the illumination. This means that the bulbs will shine brighter and farther than their counterparts.

LED Tail lights 

Increasing visibility isn’t just about making it easier for you to see. You also want to make it easier for others to see you. This means replacing your stock tail lights with LED versions.

This will make your brake lights and nighttime running lights brighter.

The best-LED tail lights have several red LEDs in a variety of patterns. Some will also have yellow LEDs for the turn signal.

Look for lights that have secure, watertight housing. This will ensure your lights don’t die should you get in the water and the lights get wet.

The best lights will have a lower power pull. This will put less stress on the system and your battery while you’re running out int he woods.

Shop for the Best LED Off Road Lights

If you want to take your Tacoma off-road then you need to add the best LED off road lights to your truck. This will light up the trail making it easier and safer for you to navigate.

By adding a combination of fog lights, light bars, and pods, you’ll have full lighting capabilities. This will give you the ability to go off-roading into the deepest of woods and trails.

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