A Guide To Moving To The UK

There are many benefits to moving to the UK – and it can have a truly positive effect on both your personal and professional life, opening the door to new opportunities you wouldn’t receive elsewhere. Nevertheless, the immigration process can be slow, painstaking and difficult – especially if you have little experience in the area.

With that in mind, here is a useful guide that you can use when moving to the UK.

    • Work with an immigration lawyer. Working with an immigration lawyer means that your Visa application is more likely to be accepted. This is due to the simple fact that they can help you avoid costly mistakes, as missing information or documentation is often the reason that an application gets rejected. Furthermore, they can help ensure that you apply for the correct Visa that meets your needs and requirements. For example, they can help you work your way through even the most complex applications, such as that for an ilr from spouse visa.

    • Do your research. Once you have begun applying for the appropriate Visa, it’s time to start researching and looking for your new home. This means that you need to narrow down your search a little, choosing a specific region in which you would like to live. Thankfully, there are plenty of online guides available to make this process a breeze – whether you are looking to move to Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales.

    • Enquire about houses/properties. Whether you plan on renting a property or purchasing one outright, the sooner you embark on this adventure, the better. However, it may be worthwhile to arrange for temporary accommodation on your arrival so that you can view any potential properties in person before signing a contract. This gives you a higher chance of finding your dream home and ensures you know exactly what kind of space you are purchasing, as everything looks a little different in pictures than in person.

    • Put together a budget. While you may be well experienced in budgeting for a holiday, moving abroad means that you have to gain a deeper understanding of your finances than you may have done previously. For example, you should figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on the move ahead of time to avoid landing yourself in a difficult situation. Remember, you have to cover legal fees (lawyers and applications), moving fees (mortgage payments, deposits, transportation) while ensuring that you can also support yourself after the move. In fact, there are many hidden costs associated with moving that many of us forget.

    • Start sending off job applications or making connections. Many people chose to move to the UK due to the range of employment opportunities available there – as many different industries thrive within the UK. However, in order to provide yourself with a greater sense of security, it may be worthwhile to begin sending job applications prior to your move. If you don’t feel ready to apply, spend some time browsing LinkedIn or similar platforms and start making connections that could help you land a job further down the line.

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